Far too often, startups overlook the importance of having a CRM, believing that it’s a tool geared more toward larger businesses. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. At this point you should be familiar with the most common CRM’s in the market, so let us introduce you to an alternative to Hubspot and Salesforce. Considering that having the right CRM on board could be even more essential, in some ways, for startups. It helps manage the inflow of data and minimize the odds of overlooking key details and insights. The best CRM also makes it easier to connect with prospects and customers while helping your startup build its brand identity and create customer loyalty.

Sounds great, right? But how do you find the best CRM for startups?

Focus on three major factors: Scalability, usability and (of course) features that empower you to do more, grow more and boost your bottom line. Once you consider those three things, the choice for an amazing alternative to Hubspot and Salesforce is clear: CRMDialer. Although it’s relatively new to the market, it offers enterprise-level tools to keep your business running organized and profitably — even with a very small staff. Users marvel at how easy it is to install and implement. Within 60 seconds or so, you’ll be up and running. And the features — they speak for themselves. Here’s a quick snapshot of some of the highlights for you to consider for your startup.

It’s a Power Dialer CRM

The goal behind CRMDialer is to simplify and streamline operations. To help reach that goal, it was created as a power dialer CRM that replaces your phone system and gives you CRM capabilities too. No need for pricey equipment and ongoing upgrade costs. You make calls right from your browser with efficient click-to-call capability. IVR acts like an automated attendant, reducing your staffing needs while ensuring all calls get routed appropriately.

Power Dialer CRM

Email and SMS

Not only does this platform deliver inbound and outbound email, it also syncs with your existing Google and Outlook accounts to enable you to check all your messages in a single spot. You also get templates that allow you to create branded messages and marketing campaigns. The scheduling capability allows you to automate emails to clients and prospects, and the metrics monitor how it’s all coming together. As a bonus, you also have SMS capabilities built right into the system. Considering the higher read and response rates that text messages enjoy, it’s definitely a handy tool to have on hand.

Internal CRM Chat

Communicate internally, send files and images and search #channels to increase productivity.


Creating a searchable database of files, images, and information related to specific groups and topics has never been easier. The chat function allows you to message other people in the office to build an awesome environment based on teamwork, but it also puts key resources right at your fingertips to save time and encourage collaboration.


As a startup, you can be flooded with data, contacts, and clients, all of which you need to keep organized. Without a great database, you could be missing out on key information, overlooking prospects and mixing up clients. Even worse, you could be damaging client relationships without even knowing it by sending duplicate emails or mixing up contact information. Not only does CRMDialer’s database help keep everything in one, easy-to-access spot, it also gives you some cool extras like:

  • Bulk importing with a duplicate checker to avoid multiple entries for the same contact
  • Email validation (bulk and single, in-lead validation) to make sure your communications are getting through
  • Records that pull up automatically when prospects and customers call in, allowing anyone answering the phone the opportunity to provide stellar service

Built-in Helpdesk

Problems happen. It’s how you deal with them that leaves a lasting impression. As a startup, you want to put your best foot forward to snag new customers and create a lasting relationship with existing ones. The platform’s built-in helpdesk allows you to do just that with a ticketing system that lets you monitor issues from the time they come in until the moment they’re resolved. And you can do it all on any device, giving you freedom and mobility while ensuring efficient customer service.

One thing that startups always seem to have in short supply is time. Don’t waste another moment. Schedule a demo and learn more about our unified solution that saves you time, streamlines your business and helps increase your profitability.