Website Visitor Tracking CRM

Let’s understand the importance of Web Tracking, these days there is more data at our fingertips as customers, salespeople, and general consumers of knowledge than ever before. Search the Internet for one product and the next thing you know, ads for it are following you around the web. Sometimes, it seems like all you have to do is talk something into existence for it to then scarily appear in your social feed.

With all of this information at our fingertips, we can certainly become much more educated consumers. But on the flip side, we can more readily learn about the audiences we’re selling to — providing them with a better, more personalized experience in the process.

Just think what you’d be capable of if you were able to cater to a lead’s interest well before those initial discovery conversations. Those possibilities are now a reality thanks to the power of CRMDialer’s Web Tracking functionality.

With Web Tracking, you are provided with a dashboard full of business intelligence. It tracks every visitor that enters your company’s website. This means that you’ll have access to information around what content a potential lead viewed and how long they spent consuming it.

In other words, think of it as the end of cold calling as you know it.

How CRMDialer’s Web Tracking Works

Getting CRMDialer’s Web Tracking feature up and running is as easy as it is effective. First, you’ll need to have your IT and/or development team install a piece of JavaScript code on the backend of your website.

With the latest cookie technology, you’ll be able to track users, whether they’re opening or click on links within an email, filling out a landing page form, or simply browsing your website. You can even track when visitors download digital content assets.

All of this user data is then stored and accessible for reference in CRMDialer instantly. You can even take advantage of automatic visitor recognition, which notifies you once a visitor has returned to your company’s website within 24 hours (or months) of their last visit.

Using Web Tracking to Boost Your Sales

With Web Tracking up and running behind-the-scenes, there’s an endless supply of benefits to be reaped on behalf of your sales efforts. When you can see what prospects are visiting and engaging with on your website, you can more effectively target them with personalized outreach.

In saving time with the back-and-forth discovery-based questions, you spend more time generating higher quality and quantity of leads. You can also better answer the dreaded, “Who should I call next?” question without thinking twice.

After all, it’s much easier to proactively approach warm leads than cold. The interest is already established — all you have to do is connect their web page content dots. This personalized approach gets prospects moving through the funnel faster and more successfully. And for that, your boosted level of sales will thank you.

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