Mortgage Customer Resource Management

CRMs are quickly becoming ubiquitous across almost all sales-based industries, as companies realize the value of automating and enhancing as many of their prospecting and client management tasks as possible. The mortgage industry is now different, and plenty of brokers are now employing modern CRM’s to help them work smarter and deliver more value to their clients. But with so many options on the market, what makes one platform stand out over another, and what is the difference between a mortgage-specific CRM and a generic CRM?


Mortgage CRMs Prioritize Customer Service

Unmatched client experience is crucial to the success of your brokerage firm for a number of reasons. First and foremost, an unhappy client can simply walk away and engage the services of your competitors. But beyond that, happy clients are the key to word-of-mouth referrals and repeat business, two things you should always be striving for. As a result, a good mortgage CRM is designed to not only help you manage your prospects and clients but to make each one feel as if they’re the only ones, through elevated personal service. 

A good mortgage CRM, like CRMDialer, offers a lead management suite that not only allows you to store and track your leads but also easily (or better yet, automatically) save and assign relevant documentation and client information to those accounts. Doing so ensures you always have maximum situational awareness over where each prospect or client is in the process – a key to delivering unmatched service. With CRMDialer, every email, text message, and phone call is automatically logged to the relevant client account, and manual notes or documentation can be added in just a few clicks. The result is easier access to the client information you need, and clients who always feel like they’re your top priority. 


Mortgage CRMs Prioritize Communication

Whether you’re contacting one of the lenders you work with over the phone or by email or getting in touch with a client to present them new rate options or congratulate them on landing the mortgage for their dream home, you spend a significant amount of time on communication. And because trust is the currency of your business, regular communication – especially with clients – is extremely important. As such, a good mortgage CRM strives to make your daily communications both more effective and more efficient. 

Important features to look for include integrated email handling and SMS messaging, enabling you to send written communications to your clients from directly within the CRM to ensure the greatest possible convenience. CRMDialer offers both, with full Outlook and Gmail integration and a two-way SMS suite that enables you to send and receive texts from your company’s main number. CRMDialer also includes an industry-leading power dialer designed to replace your existing phone system, eliminating your monthly bill and supercharging your ability to handle your daily calling. 


Mortgage CRMs Prioritize Document Handling

Paperwork and document signoffs are a big part of your business, and whether it’s reviewing your client’s records during the preapproval process, handling disclosure statements or waivers, or even just getting the client to sign on the dotted line for the best mortgage possible, the more you can keep that paperwork in the digital realm instead of in stacks on your desk, the better. 

A good mortgage CRM enables you to handle all of your paperwork digitally, making it far easier to both manage and store the thousands and thousands of documents your business generates every year. CRMDialer offers unlimited, fully secure digital document storage, with all relevant documents automatically attached to the borrower’s customer account in the lead management end of the system. CRMDialer also offers e-signature functionality that enables you to send and retrieve legally binding signatures on secure documents without the need for you or the client to ever have to worry about printing or scanning. 


For more information on how the mortgage industry’s leading customer resource management platform can help your brokerage close more deals and offer better service to your clients, experience CRMDialer, start your free trial today!