Customer resource management technology is designed to revolutionize the way your business handles all customer-facing activity, from communications to tracking to lead management. That makes it an ideal tool for your mortgage brokerage, where success is predicated on the quality of relationships you develop with your leads and clients. A good CRM software also offers productivity tools to help you streamline your internal processes as well, minimizing wasted time and money and maximizing your profitability. CRMDialer is an industry leader in customer resource management, and it’s the best tool available for mortgage brokers looking to land more clients and operate more efficiently. 

Lead Management: 

CRMDialer makes it possible to manage your leads more deeply, providing you with the business intelligence necessary to accurately qualify your leads to ensure the hottest prospects are given top priority. Once leads have been entered into the CRM, you can easily log every interaction and record notes to the relevant lead accounts, ensuring your team always knows where every prospect sits in the sales cycle. 

Client Relationship Building:

Building a successful brokerage is all about nurturing healthy long-term relationships to ensure repeat business on renewals and new mortgages, and generation of all-important referrals. CRMDialer enables better relationship building by ensuring your team always has access to the most up to date and relevant information on each of your prospects and clients. The result is a more personalized level of service that makes each client feel like the only client. 

Document Management:

CRMDialer makes it easy to manage all of your clients’ documents. There is no limit on how many documents you can store in each client profile, and storage is fully secured through Amazon’s highest-security AWS cloud service. Additionally, CRMDialer offers electronic signature functionality, so you can digitally send forms and documents out to your clients and retrieve them, legally signed, with no need for your clients to print, scan, or mail anything. 

Outbound Marketing:

Your outbound marketing efforts are the source of the leads that are the lifeblood of your brokerage. CRMDialer offers a full suite of outbound marketing tools to help you maximize conversion rates and minimize your costs. Built-in tools include an autoresponder for email marketing blasts, outbound and inbound SMS messaging, and an industry-leading power dialer to supercharge your team’s outbound calling efforts. 

Analytics and Reporting:

You can’t manage what you can’t measure, and CRMDialer provides the advanced analytics and reporting tools that your brokerage needs to make better management decisions. CRMDialer provides reporting on everything from visitors to your website, to the success of your marketing emails, to call data, and more. Reports are easy to generate in a matter of a few clicks and provide all the information you need in a set of easy to read charts and tables. 


CRMDialer brings all of your communications into a single, centralized, easy to use platform. It replaces your phone system and integrates seamlessly with your Gmail and Outlook accounts, even providing you with full access and control over your calendars. The result is less time spent jumping back and forth between different platforms, fewer logins to manage, and more efficient use of your team’s valuable time. 


These are just a few of the areas of your brokerage business that CRMDialer can improve. The software also includes an internal chat system, a built-in customer support portal, a full billing, and electronic payments suite, and much more. To find out more about what CRMDialer can do for your brokerage, get in contact with our team today to schedule a free demonstration