Why A CRM Is So Important for Mortgage Companies Working Remotely

Customer resource management tools have seen widescale adoption across the mortgage industry thanks to the myriad benefits they offer covering everything from prospecting to sales to marketing, and beyond. But with so many companies moving brokers and agents onto partial or full-time work-from-home plans, CRM has a new roll to play – the glue that holds together a decentralized workforce. The following are just a few of the ways a high-end mortgage CRM can help your remote mortgage team provide better service and work more efficiently, regardless of where they set down to work for the day. 


Provide Centralized Information Access to Multiple Decentralized Brokers or Agents

If your brokerage has a team of decentralized brokers or agents, one of the most important aspects of doing business is ensuring those employees have the access they need to your brokerage’s centralized files, team communications, and resources. That isn’t easy when you’re limited to traditional tools like standard email clients, external chat or collaboration platforms, and traditional office software. 

A CRM, on the other hand, provides access to everything needed to operate your business in a single, centralized, cloud-based source that can be accessed from anywhere. Your brokers can log into their CRM accounts from home or wherever they’re working from and access everything from email, to internal team collaboration tools, to centralized document storage and form repositories, to marketing tools, customer support tools, an enterprise-level cloud-based phone system, and more. 

The result is that your CRM acts almost as a digital stand-in for a physical office, and your entire mortgage team can operate and interact online in essentially all the same ways they would if they were sitting at desks in the same room. 


Enable Your Mortgage Team to Build Relationships from Anywhere

Long-term relationships are the primary driver of your success. That might seem counterintuitive to people outside the industry since residential mortgages aren’t something people go shopping for particularly frequently. But the value in a client relationship goes far beyond their mortgage itself because your happy clients are by far your best source of advertising. With that in mind, keeping in touch so that you’re always at the top of their mind when a friend or a family member needs a mortgage is extremely important. 

A feature-rich mortgage CRM, like CRMDialer, provides your decentralized team with a host of tools designed specifically to help brokers make new connections and then nurture and grow those relationships over time. The lead management system automatically captures the details of every single interaction you have with a prospect or client, and adding custom notes is a breeze. That data is then never more than a few clicks away when it comes time to drop a line to say hello. The result is that your brokers can make each client feel like they’re the only client. The system also enables agents to easily preschedule reminders or even automatic messages to go out on important dates like birthdays or anniversaries – an easy and highly effective way to stay in touch. 


Eliminate the Need for Physical Paperwork Storage and Handling

A busy mortgage brokerage is a sea of files, and space and effort required to store and manage all that paperwork is a major hassle. Even if most of your team is remote, it’s still necessary to have all of your files centralized and safely stored, which generally means paying for physical space, even if your brokers aren’t working from it. But CRMDialer eliminates that need entirely by enabling you to transition entirely to secure, cloud-based storage. 

CRMDialer includes eSignature functionality that allows your brokerage to easily create forms that can be legally signed digitally, with no printing, scanning, or mailing required. That means you can go fully-digital with all of your forms and documents, sending off paperwork to clients via email and retrieving signed forms just as easily. All of your records can then be safely stored directly in the CRM, which is built upon Amazon’s most secure AWS solution. So, not only can you free yourself from the costs and space associated with hundreds or thousands of paper files, but you can also ensure that your clients’ sensitive data is as safe as possible – far safer than it is in a dusty old filing cabinet. 


For more information on the full list of features included in CRMDialer, and how each can benefit your brokerage and the workflows and productivity of your remote team, start your free trial today!