Unlimited Visitor Tracking CRM

Customer resource management is the key to optimizing your team’s internal processes and operations. From events to finances and every task in between, here’s why religious organizations need a CRM system.

According to 2018 survey data, roughly 22% of Americans attend a religious organization, church or synagogue every week. That’s over 70 million people in the United States alone gathering to celebrate their faith and communities on a regular basis.

For religious organizations, these numbers may sound uplifting but they also signify a need for — well — organization. This is especially true of congregations operating on a shoestring budget with limited staff.

How do you meet growing demand with the same supply from operations? The answer: optimization.

Digitize the Business Side of Operations

Religious organizations are built on belief systems that are hundreds of thousands of years old. But that doesn’t mean your operating methods need to be.

With CRMDialer’s cloud-based Power Dialer, your team can activate the functionality of a full-fledged call center using only a laptop and headset. A single dashboard centralizes everything you need to manage a help desk, making it easy to analyze website visitor data and track communications across unlimited users.

Simplify Charity Collection

The charity of your parishioners is the backbone of your religious organization. Whether you collect weekly, during special events, holiday drives, or otherwise, a CRM offers the capability of taking your collection efforts to the next level.

From an outreach perspective, CRMDialer makes it easy to connect with your community over the phone, via email, or even using SMS. Better yet, no matter how you choose to reach out, all exchanges are tracked in one location. This helps you stay on top of who’s been contacted and donations received, ensuring that your staff’s time is optimally spent.

Additionally, you no longer have to rely on cash and check donations alone. You can make it easy for parishioners to give from the comfort of their own homes via credit card or eCheck. And CRMDialer’s PCI Level 1 compliance means those who donate can rest assured that their data is always secure.

Engage Your Community Beyond Sunday Service

Many church-goers look to their congregations as a source of strength and support beyond your weekly Sunday service. And as a religious organization, your team serves by building relationships and uniting the community.

In doing so, CRMDialer Church Software provides you with the tools to connect with your parishioners on a personal level. Email integrations make it possible to automatically log every interaction with church members to their own individual file, made easily accessible through the dashboard. Here, you can add in details about their lives, such as birthdays, anniversaries, upcoming ceremonies, and more. You can channel the feel of a tight-knit community, no matter the size of your congregation.

Easy-to-use communication tools make it easy to schedule mass emails and keep everyone informed about current events.

With powerful analytics, you can review the performance of your efforts to effectively tailor messaging around what’s best engaging your congregation. Eager to explore all of the added benefits a CRM can bring to your religious organization? Connect with the CRMDialer team today to get started with your free 14-day trial!