We think so! That’s why CRMDialer chose ZeroBounce as a key integration for our sales automation and power marketing CRM.  CRMDialer is the first CRM on the market to provide native integration with ZeroBounce.  Sales have never been more effective for companies that rely on email for prospecting and follow up campaigns.

Since 2017, email validation with the help of our ZeroBounce integration is included in every new client’s site.  We did the heavy lifting!

Here’s the thing: ZeroBounce is trusted by many companies — large and small — and the email validation engine has even won some awards for its efforts. In January, the service won the 2018 Affy Award for Outstanding Internet Achievement in recognition of its outstanding email validation service. Since it launched in 2016, ZeroBounce has become the go-to, top choice for email validation.

And that’s why CRMDialer trusts it — awesome performance. And the cost? Well, for you, it’s included in your CRMDialer account.

How to Use the CRMDialer Email Validation Feature

So, here’s how it works. You can validate emails in three different spots: the Lead Email field, the Quick Email pop-up and the Lead Importer (best for bulk validation). Each option only requires a few quick steps.

Using the Lead Email Field

  1. Enter the email address.
  2. Click “Validate Email.”
  3. Watch the magic. You’ll either get an “Email is valid” message or an “Email is invalid” message.

Using the Quick Email Pop-Up

  1. Choose one or more emails in the pop-up.
  2. Click “Validate.”
  3. Check out the list of valid or invalid emails.

Using the Lead Importer

  1. Upload your CSV file containing your imported leads.
  2. Map the CSV columns to the right Lead Fields.
  3. Check “Delete Invalid Emails.”
  4. Run the import to validate every email in the file. Invalid addresses won’t be imported.
  5. Check the report to see how many emails were invalid.

Email Validation

What Else Do You Get?

Email validation is great, but CRMDialer gives you a fully-stocked toolbox to streamline business and boost your bottom line. That means you also get some other amazing features, including:

  • Integrate email sending, receiving and calendar syncing of events with your Gmail or Outlook accounts through a single-platform CRM
  • A built-in helpdesk so you can deliver great service to your clients and customers
  • SMS for yet another way to contact prospects and leads (hint: it can boost your contact rate!)
  • Chat for easier collaboration with your team — share images, files and other important details all in one spot
  • Website visitor tracking for invaluable information about your prospects’ and clients’ interests
  • Call center cloud with click-to-call, local presence, voicemail drop and more

Get your ZeroBounce email validation and an arsenal of other tools to boost your business.