10 Reasons to Start Using CRMDialer and Its Advanced Power Dialer

CRMDialer is one of the most full-featured customer resource management (CRM) platforms on the market. It includes a full suite of sales, productivity, and communication tools as well as a cloud-based power dialer — a powerful combination that few competitors can match. The following are just ten of the many reasons adopting CRMDialer and its built-in power dialer makes so much sense for sales organizations of all sizes and in all industries.  

1) CRMDialer’s Power Dialer is Seamlessly Integrated

Combining a power dialer with a customer resource management system creates one of the most powerful sales tools available, but not all integrations are created equal. Unlike third-party integrations, CRMDialer was designed to seamlessly integrate the power dialer with all areas of the CRM from the very beginning, ensuring that there are no glitches or breakdowns in communication between the dialer and any of the platform’s leading sales and productivity tools. The result is fast, easy access to anywhere in the CRM during calls, unparalleled reporting and analytics, and an easy, user-friendly interface your staff will actually want to use. 


2) The Power Dialer Completely Replaces Your Legacy Phone System

Power dialers are mission-critical software in high-volume calling environments, but they provide a lot of value to all sales organizations — even those that don’t rely heavily on telephone sales — because of how cost-effective they are. CRMDialer’s cloud-based VOIP power dialer completely replaces traditional hardwired enterprise phone systems, providing all of the same features (and many, many more) without the need to purchase or maintain expensive specialty hardware. A computer, an internet connection, and a headset are all each member of your team needs. CRMDialer’s power dialer also eliminates your monthly phone bill and offers a much more economical alternative to land-line-based enterprise phone plans.


3) CRMDialer’s Power Dialer Supercharges Productivity Through Automation

Automation is a huge part of what makes CRMDialer the leading customer resource management solution on the market, and the power dialer is no exception. Features like outbound call queues, automatic dialing, one-click dialing, and one-click voicemail drop automate the most time-consuming aspects of sales calling — like manual dialing — enabling agents to move from call to call faster and more efficiently. The time saved allows agents to contact more prospects and to spend more of their day on revenue-generating activities. 


4) CRMDialer’s Power Dialer Reduces Repetitive Strain on Sales Agents

Sales calling can be tiring, and in high-volume environments like call centers, it’s downright exhausting. Unsurprisingly, sales agents can burn out easily, and telephone sales often has extremely high turnover rates. CRMDialer’s power dialer reduces the repetitive nature of sales calling by eliminating the need to manually dial numbers over and over throughout the day. By automating the most repetitive processes involved in calling, CRMDialer helps to reduce fatigue, create a more agent-friendly work environment, and keep turnover rates as low as possible. 


5) Access to CRM-Based Data Enhances the Entire Sales Process

When your agents jump on the phone to call a prospect — whether it’s the first touch or midway through the sales process — their ability to access and manage information has a direct impact on the quality of the pitch they deliver. Having their power dialer tied directly into a customer resource management system allows agents to capture new customer information into the system on the fly, and even more importantly, it allows them to access the entirety of your company’s stored data on the prospect both while planning their sales calls and while delivering them. As a result, the process can continuously move forward, with proposals and pitches better tailored to each individual prospect, no repeated questions, and no objections unaddressed. Not only will the sales process go faster and smoother, the prospect will also feel like they’re receiving a higher degree of personalized service. 


6) The Power Dialer is an Extremely Impactful Training Tool

The power dialer built into CRMDialer includes a number of features designed to make training and quality control easier and more effective. Call recordings allow agent performance to be reviewed by managers at any time, both for sales assessments and checks on regulatory compliance. Listen-in, whisper, and barge features allow managers to monitor agent calls in real-time and to speak to the agent in private to offer coaching while a call is in progress. Finally, the analytics that the power dialer provides on agent performance provide deep insight into the most important KPIs, like volume of calls, time on call, close rates, and more. Taken all together, the power dialer offers a tool that allows managers and HR professionals to identify each agent’s strengths and weaknesses and tailor sales training with ease. 


7) A Full IVR System Makes the Power Dialer a Valuable Inbound Calling Tool

Power dialers don’t only help with outbound calling. CRMDialer’s built-in power dialer also comes with an interactive voice response system — the digital receptionist we’re all so familiar with today. CRMDialer’s IVR system allows you to easily set as many option levels and extensions as you need through an easy back-end interface. It makes creating calling trees both fast and easy, and helps ensure that your customers will always be able to get through to the right person or department on the first try without being shuffled around or put on endless hold. 


8) Local Presence Can Boost Answer Rates Significantly

One of the biggest problems telephone sales agents face is low answer rates from prospects living in different geographic areas. An unfamiliar area code on call display automatically triggers most consumers’ “spam” alarms, gutting answer rates and, in turn, damaging overall revenue generation. CRMDialer’s power dialer comes with a feature called Local Presence that allows agents to select their outgoing phone number from a list of wholly-owned numbers, ensuring that out of area prospects will always see a familiar area code on their call display, and, in turn, will be much more likely to pick up. 


9) CRMDialer Offers Unlimited Users

When investing in software systems, it’s important to know that your tools can grow alongside your business. CRM systems and power dialers that charge on a per-user basis may be scalable, but at what cost? CRMDialer ensures your business can grow without breaking the bank by offering unlimited users, unlimited lead accounts, and unlimited storage. With CRMDialer, no matter how rapidly or slowly you grow, you’ll never have to worry about a spike in your monthly bill, and that stability means peace of mind. 

10) The CRMDialer Team Never Stops Adding New Features

The team at CRMDialer is highly tuned in to client feedback and new feature requests, and the CRM and power dialer are constantly being refined to add new features, improve the user experience, offer more utility, and generate a higher ROI.  When you choose CRMDialer, you won’t be getting a static solution that risks going out of date as technology marches on. You’ll be getting a dynamic, constantly upgraded sales platform that will ensure you’ll always be on the cutting edge of customer resource management and power dialer technology. 


To find out more about everything CRMDialer can do for your sales organization, reach out to a member of the team or start your no-commitment 14-day free trial of CRMDialer today!