Sales Power Dialer CRM

A power dialer CRM is a customer resource management system that takes traditional lead management, sales, and productivity tools and supercharges them by integrating them directly with a built-in cloud-based call center. While many companies utilize a CRM and a power dialer separately, building the two into a single, unified piece of software offers some unique benefits, including, but not limited to:

  • More efficient calling
  • More effective selling
  • Better lead management
  • Reduced repetitive strain
  • Improved answer rates
  • Deeper business intelligence

The following is a deeper look into each and a crash course in what makes a power dialer CRM one of the most game-changing tools available to telephone sales organizations today. 


Power Dialer CRM Benefit 1: More Efficient Sales Calling

In high-volume sales calling environments, success is often directly related to efficiency. The more calls an agent can make, the more deals they’ll close, and the more money everyone will make. Understandably, most telephone-based sales organizations are on a constant mission to squeeze out extra efficiency anywhere they can, and a power dialer CRM is unquestionably one of the best ways to do it. 

Like all customer resource management systems, power dialer CRMs put a heavy emphasis on automation, and that includes the calling process itself. A good power dialer CRM will enable agents to forgo manual dialing altogether by building out their daily calling list into a queue, and letting the system move through it automatically. One-click voicemail drop is another common feature that significantly boosts efficiency by eliminating the need to wait for the beep, instead allowing the agent to move on to the next call while the system holds the line and delivers a recorded message automatically. 

Regardless of the tools used, the built-in automation offered by a power dialer CRM enables sales agents to spend less time waiting or performing mindless tasks and more time speaking to prospects, boosting their daily sales, and maximizing revenues. 


Power Dialer CRM Benefit 2: More Effective Sales Calls

Knowledge is power, and whether a sales process occurs over the phone or in person, the more an agent knows, the smoother the process and the faster the close. Power dialer CRMs are the ultimate tools for telephone sales agents because they provide real-time access to the entirety of a company’s saved lead data both prior to and during sales calls. 

With a power dialer CRM, agents can load up a prospect’s account and review everything from their vital information to notes and data from previous contacts, ensuring each sales call starts from a position of maximum knowledge and preparedness. Not only does that allow the agent to be better acquainted with the customer and their needs, it also increases personalization of service, making the customer feel like a priority rather than just another call. 


Power Dialer CRM Benefit 3: Better Lead Management and Collection

Combining a power dialer with a CRM creates an effective lead management and collection tool by making the ability to create and edit lead accounts accessible from the same screen as the dialer itself. By seamlessly integrating the calling system with the lead management area of the software, a power dialer CRM enables agents to create new lead accounts from inbound calls in a matter of seconds (or even automatically) without ever having to leave the call or switch software platforms. As they talk with prospects and glean new information, that important customer data can be plugged into the CRM in real-time, ensuring efficient capture for use further down the road in the sales process. Key information on lead contacts can also be captured automatically, including data from phone calls, emails, text messages, and even website visits. 


Power Dialer CRM Benefit 4: Reduced Repetitive Strain

High-volume calling environments suffer from extremely high attrition rates — 26% annual turnover on average. The physical and mental strain of performing the same task all day, every day, understandably wears on many agents, and that’s a real problem because turnover is expensive. New agents not only require training, but their lack of experience also hinders them from closing at the same rates as more experienced staff. As a result, a key driver of growth and profitability is a sales organization’s ability to keep agents happy, healthy, and working. 

By automating many of the most repetitive tasks agents deal with each day, a power dialer CRM helps reduce repetitive strain and creates a less stressful work environment. Minimizing annoying, unnecessarily repetitive tasks like manual dialing can make a big difference in agent morale and the extra money they make by contacting more prospects goes a long way, too. 


Power Dialer CRM Benefit 5: Dynamic Numbers and Higher Answer Rates

One problem agents from larger sales organizations run into consistently is low answer rates when calling prospects in different area codes. Unfortunately, when prospects see an unfamiliar area code on their call displays, they often assume the worst and ignore the call. Failure to get through ends the sales process right then and there, making low answer rates the scourge of telephone sales. Luckily, a good power dialer CRM can help agents get around the problem by dynamically assigning numbers via a feature called local presence. 

Local presence enables power dialer CRM users to select their outgoing number from a list of fully-owned, legitimate phone numbers prior to launching a call. Agents can organize their calling lists by geographical area, and then simply select the relevant area code before letting the system get to work. The prospects on the other end of the line will see a familiar phone number, greatly increasing the odds of an answer. The ability to generate more customer contacts makes local presence an extremely valuable power dialer CRM feature, especially for organizations doing sales nationally or across state lines. 


Power Dialer CRM Benefit 6: Deeper Business Intelligence

With traditional calling systems, any data collected depends entirely on human agents reporting and recording the details of the sales process both accurately and consistently. Unfortunately, humans are not known for our prowess in either category! A power dialer CRM, on the other hand, automatically and consistently records all of the most important data around the sales process, agent performance, calling operations, and more. That data is then automatically compiled and made both easily accessible and easily digestible in a matter of a few clicks. 

The enormous supply of data and the clear, centralized analytics offered by a power dialer CRM provide sales organizations with a deeper level of business intelligence that enables better decision making, better training, better long-term planning, and, as a result, accelerated growth. 


CRMDialer: The Perfect Marriage of Customer Resource Management and Calling

CRMDialer is the leading power dialer CRM on the market, combining an ever-evolving set of lead management, sales, and productivity tools with one of the most full-featured power dialers on the market. 

CRMDialer’s calling system includes automatic calling queues, one-click dialing, one-click voicemail drop, local presence, a full interactive-voice-response (IVR) system, round-robin calling, advanced analytics, and much more. And because every calling feature is integrated with all areas of the CRM right out of the box, CRMDialer offers a level of functionality and ease-of-use that no two standalone systems can match. 

If you’re ready to see everything a power dialer CRM can do for your sales organization, start your no-commitment free trial of CRMDialer today.