Timeshare Sales

Timeshare business can be complicated, with owners and managers having to deal with buildings, properties, and both potential and current shareholders. Add in the fact that, like all sales activities, it’s really a numbers game to sell as many timeshares as possible. That is, the more prospects you get, the more pitches you can give, and the more times you’ll get a “yes” from a potential customer.

Salespeople, like anyone, are human beings, limited to being able to only send so many emails or make so many phone calls per day. In fact, it can be a real challenge for professionals to regularly hit their calling or outreach quotas in order to make their sales projections.

That’s where a CRM can come in and make a sales associate a selling machine! Let’s take a closer look at 3 reasons why you need a CRM if you run a timeshare business.


Streamlined workflow

How do you maximize your salespeople’s output? You make it as easy as possible for them to get their work done effectively. Anything you do to save them time or make the sales process more efficient will not only save you money upfront, but it’s likely it’ll also make your money further down the line. Designed for speed up the calling process, CRMDialer makes calling super easy with one-click dialing, one-click voicemail drop, and even automatic calling. With these time-savers, salespeople can typically fit more calls into a single day.


Better data = better leads

What’s worse than having not enough leads? Having too many that aren’t properly qualified. Nothing burns up a salesperson more than a stale lead list comprised mostly of people who aren’t good prospects in the first place.

A CRM system can help determine how warm a lead is, tracking where they are in the sales process, what kind of information they’ve requested, and other pertinent information. With more data available, your salespeople can focus their energy on prospects that have higher likelihood of making a purchase. Not only will the quality of your leads improve, but fewer of them will slip through the cracks or be bumped out of the way for lower quality leads.


Automation is a life-saver

While some of us revel in nostalgia for the days before digital, the truth is that we can move prospects through the sales process much faster using digital means. What’s more, a lot of this can be automated. This includes sending documents to collect electronic signatures, but it can also include automating lead nurturing campaigns.


Want to learn more about how CRMDialer can help your timeshare business? Contact us to learn how our tool can make your salespeople faster, more efficient, and more effective.