Timeshare sales are one of the world’s largest industries. It contributes trillions to the global economy every year, with no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

This industry’s accelerated growth is undoubtedly the result of the digital age we find ourselves in. The average traveler today has s seemingly endless number of options to choose from in coordinating every detail of their travel itineraries. Furthermore, they can search and book just about anything in a matter of minutes.

Nowhere is this truer than with regards to accommodations. Game-changers like Airbnb have completely reinvented customer expectations in the industry, forcing those in timeshare sales to rethink their approach.

If you’ve found it difficult to keep up with the changes, it’s time to put technology to work in elevating your timeshare prospecting and sales efforts.

Here’s what a fully-featured CRM can do to help your business succeed:

Turn More Prospects Into Paying Guests

Selling timeshares have become more challenging and with a diversified market, competition is fierce. This means that every lead counts. Your sales team can’t afford to let potential customers slip through the cracks, for the sake of their own commissions and the profitability of your company.

Equipping your sales agents with a tool like CRMDialer not only helps them manage leads as they come in — it also provides them with the means for better-cultivating relationships. Automation features make it easy to catalog every single call, email, document, and account note. These items can then be sorted and prioritized for the sake of maximizing time spent selling to those most likely to convert.

Call queues can even be customized around hot leads using a power dialer.

Importing leads into CRMDialer can be done automatically through the collection of data from websites and email form submissions. As soon as a visitor takes action with your business online, a lead account is created. Paired with visitor tracking functionality, reps will be more prepared than ever before to qualify and personalize their outreach.

Enable Secure Payment Processing

Securing your customer’s data online is incredibly important for the sake of building long-term trust and authority in your business. Negative experiences can escalate fast thanks to the power of online reviews and word-of-mouth.

CRMDialer offers timeshare sellers peace of mind through our secure ACH and Authorize.net integrations. Agents can process credit card and eCheck payments safely over the phone and seamlessly set up recurring billing schedules within the same system.

Optimize Lead Distribution

When your sales managers are set up for success, so are your sales agents. CRMDialer makes it easy for those in charge to set up parameters around round-robin call distribution so that leads are distributed more evenly across the team.

Additionally, call recording helps with documenting performance. Sales managers can review tactics and better guide reps in regulation compliance and overall inbound sales strategy.

Ready to see how a CRM can help your timeshare sales business stay on top of its game? Start your free 14-day trial with CRMDialer to launch your site in less than 90 seconds.