Beat Your Best Sales Numbers in 2022 with a Sales CRM

The last two years have been a mixed bag for sales organizations, thanks to the global pandemic. Some companies focused on online channels saw big boosts in their numbers, while most companies saw business stagnate at best or plummet at worst. While the pandemic is coming to an end and a slow return to business-as-usual is underway, your sales company still stands to benefit greatly by finding new and innovative ways to compete better and close more deals in less time and using fewer resources. In 2022, the best way to do both is through the adoption of a customer resource management system. A sales CRM is the ultimate tool to help you boost your sales numbers, even in difficult market conditions, thanks to its far-reaching ability to improve everything from your lead management to your close rates and beyond. 


Automate Your Lead Management in 2022

Having access to the right leads is one of the keys to an efficient sales process, and that means two things: a consistent stream of new prospects entering the top of the sales funnel, and an efficient way to ensure the most qualified get prioritized. A good sales CRM enables both by automating the most important aspects of the lead process, both ensuring the funnel is always full and that fewer hot leads slip through the cracks. 


CRMDialer’s lead management suite allows new lead accounts to be generated automatically from a variety of interactions, including web form submissions, email link clicks, inbound phone calls, and more. The result is that the system can capture leads 24/7 and begin the tracking process with zero work required. Once a new lead has been captured into the system, CRMDialer can automatically recategorize that lead as they move through the sales journey. Categories can be set to update automatically based on custom triggers, including document submissions, contact intervals, meetings, and much more. A sales CRM like CRMDialer removes the burden of lead management from your team so they can focus on serving leads instead of managing them. 


Deliver a More Personalized Sales Process in 2022

In a world where customers are bombarded with sales messages from all angles at all times of the day, a great way to stand out is to offer a more personalized sales experience that makes the customer feel important rather than just targeted. A sales CRM makes it easy (and often automatic) to constantly collect data on prospects throughout the sales process and makes that data accessible to agents within seconds. With more high-quality customer information, agents can maintain constant awareness of a prospect’s status and needs, create more tailored solutions, prepare better for each meeting or call, and make each prospect feel like they’re the only prospect. 


CRMDialer automatically captures key customer data from each contact, including email chains, phone calls, and even website visits. It centralizes that data in an easy-to-use database that agents can access in a matter of a few clicks from anywhere within the system, at any time they need it, including from their mobile phones in the field. Agents can also quickly enter manual notes on a customer account whenever more context is needed. As the old saying goes, knowledge is power, and CRMDialer empowers agents to deliver a better, more efficient sales process to each and every prospect. 


Make Better Sales Calls in 2022

A sales CRM is an extremely powerful sales tool on its own, but combined with a full-featured power dialer, it represents arguably the most effective sales system available today. At a minimum, combining a sales CRM with a power dialer enables agents to minimize the number of programs they have to juggle and save time. But when the two systems are seamlessly integrated, they can also feed into one another, making each better and creating a sales tool that is far more than the sum of its parts. 


CRMDialer comes with a leading power dialer integrated right out of the box. The CRM side and the dialer side of the software are linked so seamlessly that agents can move back and forth between the two with zero friction. Most importantly, the entirety of the CRM is accessible in seconds while your agents are on their sales calls. As a result, an agent will never be at a loss for a piece of information they need while talking to a prospect on the phone, and they can feed new data into the system in real-time to help improve the next contact, as well. If your organization delivers all or part of your sales process over the phone, CRMDialer will enable your agents to move leads through the sales funnel faster, maximizing closes while minimizing time and resource use. 


A sales CRM like CRMDialer has the power to boost your sales numbers in 2022 by helping you work smarter, target the right leads, and maximize the efficiency of your funnel. To find out more about how your organization can benefit from a sales CRM, reach out to a member of the CRMDialer team or start your no-commitment free trial today.