CRMDialer: The Best Power Dialer CRM

CRMDialer is a leading customer resource management system that offers all the benefits of a traditional CRM combined with the productivity and cost-savings features of a top cloud-based power dialer. By integrating a sales CRM and a dialer into a single, seamless piece of software, CRMDialer ensures that both feed into and benefit from each other, making CRMDialer far more than just the sum of its parts. 

The features included in CRMDialer cover everything from lead management to sales process delivery to communications and scheduling, reporting, marketing, administration, and more. The following represent just a few areas of the system’s industry-leading feature set, along with how each stands to benefit your company and improve your processes. 


Sales CRM

First and foremost, customer resource management software is a sales tool. CRMDialer comes with a variety of features designed to help your business prospect and sell more effectively and efficiently. By getting more from each lead and offering prospects a more personalized, targeted sales experience, CRMDialer’s sales CRM helps your company increase close rates while reclaiming time wasted on unnecessary busy work. 

Automatic Lead Capture

What It Does: The sales CRM’s automatic lead capture enables you to bring leads into the CRM from a variety of sources, including email, web forms, QR codes, and even inbound phone calls. The system then automatically creates a lead account with no manual intervention required. 

How It Benefits Your Business: One of the most important parts of sales is keeping the top of your funnel full. Automatic lead capture helps you maintain a steady stream of new, organic leads with little to no effort – a far more cost-effective way to keep your funnel full than buying lists. 

Automatic Lead Updating

What It Does: CRMDialer’s sales CRM automatically updates each lead account whenever an interaction takes place. Whether it’s an inbound or outbound phone call, an email, a text message, or a scheduled meeting, the CRM will record the key details automatically, ensuring no interaction fails to be captured. The system can also update a lead’s category automatically based on interactions with emails, scheduling software, and more. 

How It Benefits Your Business: Your CRM is only as good as the data within it, and when agents have to record every interaction manually, key data is often missed or ignored. By tracking interactions automatically, CRMDialer takes work off your agents’ plates and ensures every interaction makes it into the database. 

Universal Access

What It Does: The lead management suite in CRMDialer is accessible from everywhere within the CRM within a couple of clicks. Whether your team is writing an email, preparing an invoice, talking on the phone, or doing anything else, they’ll be able to access lead data in seconds whenever they need it. 

How It Benefits Your Business: The information within your CRM helps your agents know your prospects and clients better and deliver a more prepared, more targeted sales process. The ability to quickly access the key information they need in seconds no matter what they’re doing ensures your team will use the CRM to its fullest, maximizing your ROI. 


Power Dialer

Unlike its competitors, CRMDialer comes with a full-featured power dialer CRM fully integrated right out of the box. It replaces your existing enterprise phone systems and offers a variety of productivity features, improving your calling capabilities and eliminating your landline bill in the process. 

Automated Call Queues 

What It Does: The power dialer enables your agents to build their daily calling into a queue that the system will automatically dial through once launched. As each call ends, the system pauses to give agents a chance to regroup, and then automatically launches the next call. 

How It Benefits Your Business: Eliminating manual dialing offers two major benefits. First, it speeds up calling by making dialing instant – a huge benefit in high-volume telephone sales where more calls mean more closes. Additionally, automatic dialing removes some of the repetitive strain that contributes to high burnout rates in telemarketing environments, helping minimize turnover.  

Local Presence

What It Does: Local presence enables agents to select their outgoing number from a list of pre-owned numbers. In a matter of seconds, agents can select a number that matches the geographic area they’re calling into, and new numbers can be easily purchased in cases where a relevant number isn’t yet owned. 

How It Benefits Your Business: Unfamiliar area codes set off alarm bells, leading many prospects to automatically ignore calls from numbers that don’t feel familiar – a disaster for your answer rates. Local presence allows your agents to present out-of-area prospects with familiar numbers, significantly boosting your answer rates and giving agents a chance to make contact and close the deal. 

One-Click Voicemail Drop

What It Does: One-click voicemail drop enables agents to select a pre-recorded message whenever a call fails to connect. The system keeps the line open in the background until the message can be automatically delivered, and moves the agent on to the next call in the meantime. 

How It Benefits Your Business: Waiting for the beep eats up an enormous amount of time – and in telephone sales, time is money. One-click voicemail drop enables agents to leave voicemail without interrupting their call rhythm, ensuring that missed prospects can still be reached while maintaining the highest daily call volume possible. 



As the old saying goes, you can’t manage what you can’t measure. CRMDialer’s power dialer CRM doesn’t just turn your customer data into a powerful sales tool; it also makes it far easier to understand and use that data to improve decision-making. 

Centralized CRM Reporting

What It Does: CRMDialer’s reporting dashboard enables your management team to quickly and easily pull the key data they need on any areas of your operations that run through the CRM. Whether it’s customer or transaction data from the sales CRM, power dialer analytics, or anything else, the sortable dashboard makes it easy to find the information you need without having to sift through a sea of information you don’t. 

How It Benefits Your Business: Knowledge is power. Being able to quickly access centralized data representing the entirety of your sales operations enables managers to approach planning and decision-making from a more informed perspective. Whether it’s day-to-day decisions on things like staffing or inventory management, or long-term strategy determining the direction of your business, the 

CRM’s unified reporting helps eliminate blind spots that could undermine end results. 

Real-Time Visitor Tracking

What It Does: Real-time visitor tracking ties your visitors to their accounts in your CRM, automatically updating their profile notes with which pages they visit and how they interact with your website content.

How It Benefits Your Business: Real-time visitor tracking is extremely beneficial because it provides you with reporting on your prospects’ needs and interests in real-time, sometimes even before you’ve reached out to them one-on-one. Advance knowledge of where your prospects are spending the most time on your site and, in turn, what they’re most interested in, helps your agents shorten the sales process and make great first impressions. 


CRMDialer’s unique combination of an industry-leading sales CRM with a full-featured power dialer make it one of the most powerful sales tools available on the market today. Its full capabilities go far beyond the features mentioned here, bringing everything from your sales to your administration to email and scheduling and beyond into a single, centralized point of control. 

To find out more about everything CRMDialer can do for your sales organization, reach out to a member of the team or, better yet, start your free no-commitment trial of the full platform today.