The number of senior citizens in the United States is set to double over the next 40 years, with the 65-and-over demographic making up 23% of the population by 2060. As the population of seniors explodes, the demand for products like Medicare supplements and life insurance will only grow along with it. That makes senior citizens an important target demographic for forward-thinking insurance agencies looking to get in on the bottom floor of a rapidly growing and highly valuable market.

Marketing to and serving senior citizens is not business as usual. While the majority of the market is shifting towards web-based self-service requiring minimal interaction, the Insuretech revolution has had less of an impact on seniors. Instead, they seek a more familiar, more traditional, more low-tech sales process. The unique needs of the senior market mean that, in order to carve out as much market share as possible, your agency will need to ensure your systems and workflows are ready to handle two very different sales processes depending on the demographic being served. That capability starts with your customer resource management software – the heart of your agency’s tech stack.

There are plenty of insurance CRMs on the market capable of handling your high-tech backend operations, but CRMDialer is the only option that seamlessly blends the high-tech customer data management your agency needs with the unparalleled relationship building and low-tech frontend options that your senior prospects demand. 


Relationship Building is Everything in the Senior Market

Insurance can be a very transactional business. Plenty of clients on both the consumer and commercial sides want to get a quote, buy a policy, and move on as quickly as possible. The less they have to deal with the insurance company, the better and price is often the only deciding factor. In the seniors market, none of that applies. 

The senior market is all about building relationships. Seniors have different motivations than their younger counterparts do – motivations that go far beyond price. Seniors are looking for a lifetime partner that they trust and feel secure with. Seniors are also generally not in a rush, and they appreciate personal, one-on-one communication.

Seniors want to know the name of the agent on the other end of their insurance journey, and they want that person to listen to them intently. Once they’ve been bound to a policy, regular contact is welcomed and helps establish the sense that their new insurance partner will always be there.

The need to build and maintain strong relationships in order to both sign and keep senior clients makes it vital to have a CRM with the right customer management and follow-up features. CRMDialer’s advanced lead management suite automatically tracks the details of each and every contact, both during the sales process and for the lifetime of your agency’s relationship with a customer.

It also makes it fast and easy for agents to make custom notes with important policy and personal information. Follow-ups can be automatically scheduled by email, SMS, or phone, and when it’s time to check-in, your agents will have the complete history of that customer relationship at their fingertips. 

The sea of customer information CRMDialer offers your agents makes it easier than ever for them to add the personal touch during the lulls between business-related contacts. That personal touch is the key to standing out in the senior market and ensures happy, secure-feeling policyholders. 


High-Tech on Your End, Low-Tech on Their End

Make no mistake; there are plenty of grandmothers and grandfathers out there that are tech wizzes capable of running circles around their children and grandchildren online. There is also a large portion of the senior demographic that struggles with tech at best, and is downright technophobic at worst.

As such, the technology that enables your team in the office and on the road needs to offer your senior policyholders exactly the level of technological interaction that they’re comfortable with. In essence, you should be as high-tech as possible on your end, but still ensure that you’re set up to offer low-tech solutions to seniors who feel more comfortable with them. More often than not, that low-tech service is going to revolve around the phone.

IRIS CRM comes with a built-in power dialer designed to streamline and enhance your agency’s calling operations through automation and CRM-wide integration. Calling tools like automatic dialing, one-click voicemail drop, and local presence maximize your agents’ daily calling volume and answer rates.

Advanced recording and analytics functions make quality control and training as effective as possible, and offer the business intelligence necessary to enable better decision making. Those high-tech calling solutions integrate fully with every other area of the CRM, enabling agents to launch calls or manage accounts from anywhere within the platform at any time. 

Despite all the high-tech wizardry happening on the agent’s end, on the customer’s end, it’s just a standard phone call – a friendly and familiar voice and a one-on-one conversation. That offers comfort and the human connection so valued by members of this important market. And because the dialer is fully integrated with the entire CRM, that comfort can be delivered while still feeding the CRM with a constant flow of new customer data.

Integration with the billing and payments suite also means your clients can pay for their policies by credit card of ACH right over the phone – something many seniors are still more comfortable doing than plugging their payment details in online. In the end, calling senior prospects through CRMDialer offers a sales solution that is simultaneously high-tech and low-tech, ensuring the prospect gets the service and human connection they want while your company still benefits from everything CRM has to offer. 


The sheer growth in the senior market makes it one your agency can’t afford to miss out on, but without the right sales practices – and the right tools to back them up – you may find breaking through to an aging prospect base to be an uphill climb. Putting CRMDialer to work ensures that you can deliver your 65+ leads and customers a more personalized sales process and stronger long-term relationship building than any of your competitors – factors far more valuable to seniors than price alone. 

If you’re ready to find out more about how CRMDialer can improve your marketing, sales, and service delivery in the senior insurance market while simultaneously streamlining all of your agency’s operations, start your free trial of CRMDialer today!