Top 5 Must-Have CRM Features for Successful Insurance Agencies

In an industry as competitive as insurance, agencies are constantly looking for ways to access new prospects, increase efficiency and service quality, and minimize costs. It’s no surprise that such a large percentage of agencies have embraced customer resource management since CRM tools are designed specifically to accomplish those goals. But with so many platforms on the market, how can you be sure your agency is investing in the right CRM? The following five features represent some of the most important things your new insurance CRM absolutely must deliver. If you select a CRM platform that includes these features at a minimum, you’ll be well on your way to reaping the highest possible reward from your new CRM investment. 


1) Automated Lead Capture

Insurance is largely becoming a self-serve industry in which shoppers expect to be able to simply go online, obtain a quote, and get the sales process moving with little effort. When a prospect reaches out, your agency needs to be ready to capture their information and deliver them the service they’re looking for quickly. 

A good insurance CRM will offer advanced, automated lead capture tools to ensure that the second a prospect fills out a form on your website, follows a link in an email, or reaches out via telephone, that lead will be automatically captured into your system so that an agent can get to work on finding a policy solution for them right away. 


2) Unlimited Centralized Document Storage

The average insurance agency is a sea of documents. It’s of utmost importance that agencies manage that paperwork in a way that not only keeps it secure, but also accessible in cases where document trails need to be pulled for claims, investigations, or legal purposes. 

A good CRM will offer high-volume document storage and air-tight security. CRMDialer, for instance, offers users unlimited storage built on Amazon’s most secure AWS service. That ensures your agency will never run into storage limits, incur excess costs, or have to worry about the security of your policyholders’ important personal information. 


3) Integrated Client Service Tools

Because insurance shoppers can now go online to access quotes from home in a matter of minutes, companies have two ways to stand out from the crowd: compete on price in a race to the bottom, or compete on service quality. 

A good CRM will help your agents and staff deliver the kind of elevated service that will enable your agency to stand out and compete even if you aren’t the lowest price in town. Your CRM should offer a client portal and integrated helpdesk, and should also integrate email and SMS into your CRM to ensure your policyholders can get a hold of you however they need to, whenever they need to. 


4) Inbound Call Handling Tools

Taking inbound calls from policyholders is obviously one of the most important day-to-day tasks in any agency. When a policyholder has reason to call in, they generally need immediate help. Keeping them waiting on hold, transferring them unnecessarily, or accidentally disconnecting them is a surefire way to produce an unhappy customer. 

Some CRM systems, like CRMDialer, come with an integrated power dialer designed to streamline and improve telephone operations while also automatically logging each call to the relevant lead account. The value that offers to an insurance agency can’t be overstated. To ensure your team can handle a large volume of inbound calls as easily as possible, look for a CRM that comes with features like a complete IVR phone system, round-robin call distribution, and hold queue cherry-picking. 


5) Mobile and Remote Access

Insurance sales and remote work go hand in hand because there is little need for most agencies to work from a centralized space.  Even before COVID-19 swept the globe, many forward-thinking agencies were already moving towards partial work-from-home models. 

A good insurance CRM should be cloud-based with complete remote access available from anywhere your team can get an internet connection. It should also offer mobile access on Android and iOS devices so that agents, adjusters, and customer service staff can access important client information and delivery elevated service from anywhere, whether they’re at their desks or not. 


CRMDialer is the insurance industry’s leading customer resource management platform. It offers the tools your agency needs to recruit more policyholders, deliver better service than your competition, and streamline your administration.

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