Why a CRM is so Important for Insurance Agencies Working Remotely

Insurance is a competitive industry that operates on razor-thin margins. As a result, agencies are constantly looking for new ways to improve efficiency and minimize costs. Insurance is also an industry that lends itself extremely well to work-from-home arrangements – a major money saver. As a result, many agencies are making the transition to partially or fully remote workforces. But with agents, adjusters, and even management geographically dispersed, there are some problems – like internal communication issues and access to data and sales tools – that need to be addressed to avoid strain on operations. It’s no wonder that so many insurance companies have turned to customer resource management software to address those issues and many others impacting both remote and traditional firms across the industry. 


Enable Agents to Provide Standout Service from Anywhere

The insurance industry is exceptionally competitive, and with most people online and access to comprehensive comparison tools just a few clicks away, it’s increasingly easy for customers to research policies and shop around. That means insurance agencies have to find ways to stand out above their peers or risk being frozen out of the competition altogether. Competing on price is a surefire way to win a race to the bottom, so the best way agencies can differentiate themselves is service quality. 

A high-end insurance CRM, like CRMDialer, enables agencies and agents to use data and better business intelligence to provide elevated service to both their prospects and their existing customers. Centralized lead management means remote agents can benefit from lead information automatically captured from web forms, email, phone calls, and more. They can also easily add new notes and information to lead accounts with each new contact, ensuring that each new potential customer receives the most personalized, more seamless service possible, no matter how many contacts are necessary before signing a new policy. 


Centralize Your Documents and Data

The insurance industry is document-heavy, and the storage, management, and protection of those documents is important to all agencies. CRM platforms offer an easy, convenient way for insurance agencies to create a centralized repository for all of their files, documents, and important customer data. Not only does that make managing and accessing those documents easier, it also provides a clean, secure audit trail in cases where documents need to be accessed, verified, and used for investigative or legal purposes. 

CRMDialer provides a completely secure document storage solution with no limit on the number of digital records that can be stored. The platform’s eSignature functionality means that remote agencies can send and receive legally signed documents digitally, eliminating the need for paper document processing or storage altogether. 


Create a Digital Hub to Serve in Place of a Centralized Office

A decentralized workforce still needs to operate as seamlessly as they would if they were all located in the same place. That’s hard to do without the tools provided by modern customer resource management. Those tools include centralized communications, team collaboration systems, integrated scheduling, and many more. 

CRMDialer comes with everything an insurance agency needs to operate remotely while maintaining the open communication lines and frictionless information sharing associated with an office environment. The platform’s cloud-based call center gives every remote agent access to an enterprise-level autodialer, making phone sales and service a breeze and ensuring all new customer data generated by phone interactions is funneled back into the CRM for later use. CRMDialer also includes a built-in internal team collaboration platform that enables organization-wide chat between individuals and groups, with permissions-based security and attachment handling built right in. The platform also integrates each agent’s email accounts and calendars from Gmail and Outlook, ensuring all communication and scheduling can be done from within the CRM. 


With CRMDialer, insurance agencies can gain access to the tools necessary to improve their sales processes and provide better customer service, while simultaneously reducing or eliminating many of the frictions that companies transitioning to remote work run into. For more information on everything, CRMDialer can do for your agency’s remote employees, visit CRMDialer.com to schedule a free demonstration of the platform today.