Call Center

Productivity is at the heart of every successful call center. It’s among the key factors in reducing overhead costs and boosting the bottom line while also providing incredible customer service. If you’re like many call centers, you struggle from time to time with effectiveness and efficiency.

This is where great CRM can lend a helping hand. When you choose the right platform — like CRMDialer — implementing these five strategies is seamless and easy.

1. Manage the Flow of Phone Traffic Effectively

If you ask the experts about the leading causes of slowed productivity, you’re going to hear about the importance of phone calls being routed correctly. Think about it — the more time calls spend bouncing around from department to department or rep to rep, the less time everyone spends getting down to business. It’s impossible to reach the heights of productivity unless you have a dialer CRM that helps manage your phone traffic to ensure every call is routed correctly.

2. Measure Performance

Setting key performance indicators (KPIs) lets you evaluate how your reps are performing. Even better, you want to make sure your system includes the ability to pull key metrics so you can measure how well your reps are performing, and your reps can evaluate their own performance too. This not only instills a little competitive spirit, but it also empowers your call center employees to identify areas in which they need to improve. As reps get involved with their own performance and managers coach them accordingly, productivity will increase.

3. Build an Adaptive, Scalable Call Center

Do you know what some of the most efficient call centers share? The ability to adapt to technology. Housing bulky on-site systems aren’t efficient. Sticking with cloud-based software that provides an all-in-one communications solution is key. Choosing the right software — one like CRMDialer that keeps your call center on the cutting edge of technology while remaining user-friendly — is key. It keeps your business agile and gives you the valuable ability to scale your call center up or down as needed. It also opens the door to extending remote working conditions to your reps, if desired.

4. Improve Your Employees’ Knowledge Base

The amount of time your employees spend searching for answers to questions can really add up. In fact, experts suggest that one of the biggest barriers to productivity is the time that’s wasted searching for answers. Providing ongoing coaching, solid training and access to searchable databases that can provide access to information in mere moments can not only boost productivity but also increase employee confidence and customer satisfaction.

5. Create a Responsive Workflow

Responsive agents get back to customers and lead quickly and efficiently. They set to follow up reminders for themselves, and they reach out using calls, emails and/or text messages. They make the people on the other end of the phone feel like they matter to your business.

CRMDialer is the Answer You’ve Been Waiting For

The features and functions provided by CRMDialer let you tackle these five tasks and then some. When you sign up for an unlimited users CRM account, you get access to tools like:

  • A calendar that syncs with Google and Outlook
  • An email that syncs with Google and Outlook
  • Chat with a searchable database for lightning-fast answers to questions
  • Metrics, call recording, whisper and barge functions
  • Power dialer with IVR, call queue, missed call reporting, voicemail drop and more

Start boosting productivity today. Sign up for a monthly or annual account. No contracts, no hidden fees, just pure performance-enhancing features designed to help your call center succeed.