Not all dialers are the same. CRMDialer is one of the industry’s fiercest competitors, and the best way to see how it measures up is to view it alongside other popular products like Five9 and Twilio. So, sit back and prepare to take it all in. This guide breaks down all the important components, from features to prices. But first, let’s start with the basics.

411: What You Need to Know

Before you can really get a sense for which dialer might be best for your business, you need a solid understanding of how each one works. So, we put together a quick overview with the highlights. The three dialers all give you the convenience of a power dialer, but each brings different things to the mix.

CRMDialer: The Basics

Power-packed and user-friendly — ask CRMDialer customers about their experience, and you’re likely to hear those two phrases, along with nothing but love for this call center cloud. You can use it in place of your existing phone system and CRM, which can really save money over the long term by eliminating the need for costly upgrades down the road. This power dialer lets you build a telemarketing platform with a full roster of features, including:

  • Call queues
  • Voicemail drop
  • Call forwarding
  • IVR
  • Call recording
  • Speech recognition
  • SMS
  • Chat
  • Local presence
  • Dialer metrics

Dialer Demo

Five9: The Basics

Five9 also offers cloud contact center software to help busy businesses increase call productivity. It’s designed to integrate with your existing or preferred CRM, and it’s easy to set up with an internet connection, computer and a headset. It supports web-based and iPhone app platforms. And, because they rely on premium VoIP providers, users enjoy clear voice quality. Some of Five9’s popular features include:

  • Predictive, progressive, preview and power dialer
  • Data import
  • Call recording
  • Contact history database
  • Web callback
  • Campaign/list management
  • Dialer list management

Twilio: The Basics

Build your own — that’s one of the biggest features that makes Twilio stand out from the other two dialers. This cloud communications platform offers the building blocks to create a personalized solution with distributed software and the infrastructure to build the app in the user’s preferred programming language. Users create their account, pick their features with the drag-and-drop editor and press “Go” to get started. Some of Twilio’s popular features include:

  • SMS
  • Phone calls
  • In-app chat
  • Email
  • Messaging
  • Website and app authentication
  • Send automated alerts and message to customers

CRMDialer vs. Five9 vs. Twilio: Comparing Features

When you look at the three dialers’ features side by side, you can begin gaining a sense of what will work best for your team. After all, the whole point of having a dialer is to boost productivity and streamline your operations to maximize success. So, now that you have an overview of how each one works, lets see how their features compare.

Replaces existing phone/CRM
Features bundled together
Features available as building blocks from partners
Speech recognition
Real-time visitor tracking system
Call queues
Call recording
Click to call
Local presence
Real-time monitoring
Analytic metrics

CRMDialer vs. Five9 vs. Twilio: Comparing Cost

Features are important, but so is the price. Which dialer gives you the most for your money?

Before we look at the average plans and prices of each dialer, let’s consider how most dialers charge, which is typically on a per-seat or per-person basis. When you’re a small company or a startup, you can typically expect to pay a larger per-person cost. As your company grows, you’ll generally pay more overall, but that per-person cost decreases.

To really get a feel for how the pricing plans compare, consider the three information below, which break down each dialer’s cost structures according to the number of minutes and some of the main features included.


CRM Starter
paid annually
Unlimited Pro
paid annually
Custom Enterprise
Unlimited Visitor TrackingUnlimited Visitor TrackingUnlimited Visitor Tracking
White Label CRMFull Dialer and Communication SuiteEverything in Starter and Pro, plus:
2,000 Website Visitor Tracking Credits15,000 Voice MinutesCustom Pricing
1,250 Email Validation Credits10,000 SMS Credits Custom Minutes
20 E-Signature Envelope CreditsUnlimited Website Visitor Tracking CreditsCustom Email Validation Credits
CRMDialer Sidebar Gmail Extension2,500 Email Validation Credits Custom E-Signature Envelope Credits
Internal Ticketing Helpdesk50 E-Signature Envelope CreditsCustom SMS Credits
2 Hours of Client Success5 Hours of Client Success Custom Feature Requests
Accept Customer Payments1 Application Mapped for E-SignSingle Sign On (SSO)


Five9 does not publish prices. Interested parties must call the company or submit a quote request on the website to gain access to information about the available month-to-month and annual plans for inbound, outbound and blended services. The subscription-based call center cloud does base its pricing on the number of seats. Additionally, you can request a free trial to give the call center software a test drive.


Twilio’s pricing falls into two categories: pay as you go and monthly recurring charges. Monthly recurring charges include products like:

  • Phone numbers
  • Short codes
  • Call per second and short code SMS increases
  • Support plans
  • Enterprise plans
  • Twilio Interconnect
  • Studio Plans

The other services and products you might use are billed on a per-use basis. For example:

  • Programmable voice starts at $0.0085 per minute to receive and $0.013 per minute for outgoing calls.
  • Programmable SMS starts at $0.0075 per message to send or receive.
  • SIP trunking starts at $0.0045 per minute.
  • Programmable chat starts at $0.0008 per message and $0.020 per user.
  • Programmable wireless starts at $2.00 per SIM card and $0.100 per MB.

To give you a better idea of what to expect from the monthly recurring charges, consider the chart below. Note that the low-end pricing reflects bare-bones features while the higher prices are geared toward large-scale business operations.

Twilio ProductLow EndHigh End
Short codes$5,500/year plus setup fee$16,500/year plus setup fee
Support plansFree8% of monthly spend/$5k minimum
Enterprise plansFreeGreater amount of $15,000 or 30% monthly spend
Twilio Interconnect$500/month for 10-MBPS$15,000/month 1-GBPS
Studio PlansFree$999/month or more


1. Website Visitor Tracking Included

When it comes to seeing who visits your site, what they do while they’re there, the pages they click on and the potential pain points that your reps can address, it’s hard to beat the power of website visitor tracking. All of CRMDialer’s plans include real-time visitor tracking to help power your success.

Website Visitor Tracking

3. Easy to Use

Customers love how easy it is to integrate CRMDialer into their operations. We think that you’ll love having the ability to build a feature-rich telemarketing platform that replaces your existing phone system and CRM

4. Stellar Customer Support

Our dialer includes a helpdesk system that gives you the power to provide superior customer support. Track helpdesk tickets from received to open to resolved to make sure each customer issue is handled in a timely, efficient manner.

Customer Support

5. The Click to Call Difference

Bundled into the platform, click to call delivers remarkable results. This one feature can help your reps contact up to three times as many prospects.

Click to Call

6. Gives You Local Presence

Did you know that you can contact roughly 400 percent more prospects simply by establishing a local presence? We do. That’s why we added dynamic caller ID that shows a local number to the prospects you’re calling.

Now that you see how CRMDialer shines, why not take it for a spin? Schedule a demo today