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Before you choose a cloud based CRM, consider important details such as:

  • The functions that you need it to perform
  • Does the system provide an Unlimited Visitor Tracking plan?
  • How quickly you want to implement the system
  • Pricing and billing practices (when you’re small, flexibility matters)
  • The kind of growth you’re expecting for your team and your business
  • Whether you want it to integrate with your existing system or replace it

The way we see it, a cloud CRM delivers far more benefits and flexibility than on-premise software ever could. For example, a cloud-based CRM gives you the option to allow agents to work remotely without sacrificing the reporting that managers need to make sure everything’s on track and running smoothly — all without having to be physically in the same office with every member of your team. A hosted CRM also offers increased scalability and the opportunity to remain on top of the latest technology with seamless integrations that don’t require hefty additional investments such as email and calendar integrations (good systems come with Gmail and Outlook integrations out of the box).

Think about how much cloud computing has grown in the last few years. Experts estimate that from 2013 through 2018, cloud computing grew at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of around 30 percent compared to the overall IT CAGR of 5 percent. Forbes predicts that by the year 2020, it’ll be a $411 billion business. That’s huge.

There’s a reason why today’s tech is all about the cloud. Modern businesses of all kinds benefit from cloud-based solutions — so much so that businesses large and small are clamoring for cloud-based solutions. Whether your call center has two agents or 2 million, the winner between an on-premise vs. cloud-based battle is clear: cloud all the way!  

Here are just a few benefits of using a call center cloud:

  • Fast, Easy Implementation: When you’re starting a call center, would you rather spend time installing software, planning hardware, taking care of licensing and setting everything up or getting to the business of your business? On-premise call center software takes so much more time to install and maintain compared to the cloud. It also costs more because you buy the software licensing, and it takes up space, whereas software in the cloud, like a power dialer CRM, doesn’t require expensive phone hardware or implementation costs — all you really need is a connection to the internet and you’re ready to go.
  • Increased Agent Availability and Flexibility: With on-premise call center software, you can only hire agents who can work from your building, but with cloud-based software, agents can work remotely from anywhere, which makes it easier for your call center to stay open for extended hours and provide amazing customer support from anywhere at any time. Plus, you can select from a larger pool of candidates when hiring.
  • Improved Customer Interactions and Satisfaction: The same flexibility that your agents are going to appreciate will also translate to better customer experiences. When people can talk to skilled agents when they need to, they naturally have an improved experience thanks to your call center’s CRM increased efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Lower Operational Costs: This is another driving factor in the popularity of cloud computing. Instead of having to invest a large sum on money in the servers, computers, phones, and headsets necessary for on-premise software (not to mention the licensing, office space and other office-related costs), choosing software in the cloud requires minimal startup costs. Choose software with a no-contract account option, and you’re never roped into anything. Cancel, upgrade or downgrade the CRM at any time.
  • Scalability: You’re just starting out. You’re planning for 50 agents, but what if the business grows quickly and you need to increase your call force? What if growth occurs slowly and you don’t need all 50 agents for a while? With on-premise software, you have to make another investment as you grow, and you have far less flexibility to add or remove users with changes in your business. With the cloud, though, you can scale up or down in mere minutes with no hassle.

Now you see it, right? Cloud solutions are by far the better option. One of the best call center clouds available is CRMDialer, a unified solution that offers powerful features, tools and all the flexibility of cloud-based call center software you need.

How CRMDialer Is Changing The Call Center Industry

There are lots of options out there when it comes to choosing the best cloud-based call center software, so which should you choose? One of the newest (and best) options out there is CRMDialer, a single platform loaded with tons of tools to streamline your business and increase your profitability. Other perks of this cloud-based platform include the following value-added features.

Cloud Based Power Dialer

Make calls quickly and efficiently right from your browser. Our platform offers:

  • Click-to-call, which lets agents spend more time connecting with people and less time dialing
  • Call queues, IVR, local presence, call waiting and voicemail drops
  • Round robin to give each agent the same number of calls
  • Missed call reporting that lets managers know who missed calls (and why)
  • Whisper and barge functionality lets supervisors listen in and help out as needed

Call Recording

This is a great feature that lets you archive recordings for future review. It’s particularly helpful for training purposes, and each recording is automatically bound to the appropriate lead.

Important Metrics

Managers can monitor all the important details, such as wait time, time spent talking to leads, dial metrics and voicemail drops. You can also view email metrics to evaluate how effective different templates are in reaching your target audience.

Bring Your Own Email Integration

You need an inbound and outbound email. But you also need a system that syncs to your Google Mail or Outlook account so you can access it all without having to log in and out of your platform. You can also create templates, schedule sends times and validates email addresses to reduce potential bounce rates.

Inbound & Outbound SMS

After your agents make contact with leads, it can be helpful to have the option to follow up via text. After all, text messages get an open rate of about 98 percent and a response rate of around 80 percent — sometimes it’s just the ticket for closing deals.

Power Dialer Chat

Integrated Chat

Whether you’re set up in an office or you have your agents working remotely, having a great team environment creates an awesome company culture and nurtures employee relationships. CRMDialer’s chat goes a long way to fostering collaboration. Set up channels by topic so agents can search for information as they need it. You can also set up one-on-one chats or group channels. And, with one of the platform’s latest features, Tech Hub, your call center can enjoy B2B chat for next-level communications.

Powerful Lead Information

This platform offers a fabulous database with bulk lead importing, bulk email validation and unlimited reporting fields. Agents can send texts or emails while they’re on a call, record notes right in lead pages using voice recognition (or by typing) and even set up callback reminders, tasks, and meetings.



Like every other facet of your new call center, customer service should be top of mind. With the built-in helpdesk, you can be sure that you’re providing amazing service when things are going wrong. Track tickets from the time they come in until the moment they’re resolved to ensure fast, efficient service.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. In addition to its other outstanding features, allowing your agents to work remotely, offering amazing flexibility and scalability, and completely replacing your phone system with sophisticated cloud-based software, CRMDialer also lets you easily customize your interface with your own branding with user-friendly drag and drop tools. 


For more information on how CRMDialer can help your brokerage improve your customer management, streamline your inbound sales process, and close more policies, schedule a guided demonstration or start a free trial of the full platform.