Boost contact rates. Streamline your sales process. And sign more deals. Those are just some of the results you’ll get when you use the right dialer. With so many choices out there, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. We want to make it easier to choose the option that’s best for you, so here are the need-to-know details about Pipedrive CRM and CRMDialer.

10 Reasons CRMDialer Is the Pipedrive Alternative You’ve Been Looking For

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or you’re just starting out, you’ve probably noticed how crowded the CRM and power dialer marketplace is. So many options and so much competition make it tough to figure out which one is best for you. We think the following 10 CRMDialer features make the choice a no-brainer.

1. You Want to Contact More Prospects in Less Time

Did you know that the average sales rep makes around 50 calls per day? That alone is a compelling reason to get a power dialer. But with CRMDialer’s click-to-call feature, you can contact three times as many leads. And the more leads you contact, the more deals you’re bound to close.

2. You Understand the Value of Delivering Incredible Customer Service

This powerful sales tool includes an integrated helpdesk. The ticketing system is designed to let you monitor and track each request from the time it’s received until it’s resolved. With the helpdesk, your business can provide stellar service anytime, anywhere and on any device.

3. You Value Having More Information Before Calling Prospects

Approximately 85 percent of prospects report feeling dissatisfied with their on-the-phone experiences with sales representatives. Having the right kind of information at your fingertips makes all the difference. CRMDialer includes website visitor tracking that lets you see what your prospects are interested in so you can communicate more effectively with them and contact them with perfectly timed calls, emails or text messages.

Bonus: See how website visitor tracking works for yourself with an interactive demonstration.

4. You Know That Half the Battle Is Follow Up

A shocking 44 percent of salespeople give up after one follow-up call despite the research that shows it takes an average of eight calls to reach a prospect. When you use CRMDialer, you can do all your follow ups using text messages. The integrated SMS system lets you reach more prospects and enjoy a higher response rate. In the long run, this makes it easier to confirm appointments and boost show rates, which ultimately means you’ll convert a higher percentage of prospects into customers.

5. You Prioritize Productivity

Nearly three-quarters of sales reps complain that data entry takes up too much of their time. Enter CRMDialer’s speech recognition. This highly accurate feature instantly transforms words into text, letting you and your staff get things done roughly three times faster. Not only can you get rid of dull manual data entry tasks, you’ll also see an uptick in the quality of your records.

6. You Need to Build a Local Presence

Did you know that having a local presence can increase your contact rate by up to 400 percent? This powerful dialer includes dynamic caller ID that displays a local number based on the outbound phone number. Again, the more prospects you contact, the more deals you close.

7. You Prefer to Work in the Cloud

CRMDialer is a fully customizable telemarketing platform that replaces your existing CRM and phone system. Best of all, this call center cloud eliminates the need for high-priced upgrades down the road. So, you can worry less about having to reinvest more money every few years for the latest and greatest and focus more on growing your business.

8. You Want to Streamline the Sales Process

The electronic signature feature allows you to e-sign new accounts from anywhere, shortening the sales cycle. It also eliminates unnecessary double data entry and potential delays related to applications missing a signature.

9. You Hate Having to Commit to Long-term Contracts

No contracts, no hassle. This power dialer lets you pay on a month-to-month basis. You can change your plan at any time, and if you want to cancel, you won’t keep getting billed.

10. You Can Try It Free — Forever

Like most power dialers and CRMs, Pipedrive offers a free trial, but CRMDialer delivers next-level service with a free forever plan. It’s perfect for sales professionals who want to explore the different features for an unlimited time. As your business grows, you can scale up to one of the paid plans when needed.

CRMDialer vs. Pipedrive: Features Comparison

We think CRMDialer outshines the competition. But we also know that you probably need a little more information about both options before you can agree.

About CRMDialer

Powerful and user friendly, CRMDialer is a call center cloud that replaces your existing phone system and CRM. Because it’s cloud-based, you won’t have to invest more money down the road on costly upgrades. Instead of worrying that the software will become outdated, you can feel confident in building your customized telemarketing platform with a full roster of features, including:

  • Website visitor tracking in real time
  • Voicemail drop
  • Call forwarding
  • Call recording
  • Live monitoring
  • Speech recognition
  • SMS
  • Chat
  • Local presence
  • Dialer metrics

About Pipedrive

Pipedrive was founded in 2010 after two of its co-founders discovered that most of the CRM options out there were designed to make management happy without catering to the needs of sales representatives. This sales management platform is designed for businesses of all sizes. Notable features include:

  • Sales pipeline view
  • Timeline view
  • Sales reporting
  • Mobile apps
  • Email integration
  • Goal setting/reporting
  • Contact history
  • Email tracking
  • Data import/export

One thing you might have noticed missing from Pipedrive’s list of features: a power dialer. It doesn’t have one. Instead, users must find a dialer to integrate into the system. Most users choose Kixie, so we’ll look at how Kixie’s features compare in the chart below.

FeatureCRMDialerKixie for Pipedrive  
Cloud Based
Speech recognition
Real-time visitor tracking system
Call recording
Click to call
Local presence
Real-time monitoring
Real-time reporting
Dialer metrics

CRMDialer vs. Pipedrive: Cost Comparison

Next question: Are all those features worth the cost? Pipedrive offers a free trial, which is a great way to test-drive the platform. But CRMDialer has a free forever plan that places enterprise-level tools in your hands without any costs or time restraints. Then, as business expands, you can select the appropriate paid plan.

The tables below give you a snapshot of the cost of each dialer.


For Power Users
Most Popular Plan
For Small Groups
Unlimited Users$59 per user
Up To 9 Users
100 SMS
15,000 minutes1,500 minutes30 minutes
Unlimited Lead Records20,000 lead records500 lead records
5,000 SMS500 SMS100 SMS
1,000 visitors tracked400 visitors tracked25 visitors tracked
500 emails validated100 emails validated100 emails validated


Users can choose one of three plans. The silver is the most basic, while gold includes silver features and some extras, and platinum includes it all. Going with an annual billing cycle rather than month to month saves you 17 percent.

Silver ($12.50 per user/month)Gold ($24.20 per user/month)Platinum ($62.50 per user/month)
Contact timelineSales inbox with email templates and email trackingMultiple dashboards
Chat and email supportSmart contact dataRevenue forecast reports
Customizable dashboardScheduler SAML SSO
CalendarCustomizable product catalogPhone support


Pipedrive users must pay extra for a power dialer, and here we outline Kixie’s pricing to give you an estimate of what this could cost. Kixie offers three cost tiers.

FeatureCRMDialerKixie for Pipedrive  
Cloud Based
Speech recognition
Real-time visitor tracking system
Call recording
Click to call
Local presence
Real-time monitoring
Real-time reporting
Dialer metrics

The Choice Is Clear

When you find a dialer that delivers everything you want and need — and maybe a few things you didn’t even realized you wanted — in one user-friendly platform, it’s hard for any competitor to measure up. CRMDialer places powerful tools at your fingertips to boost sales, enhance performance and streamline the process for ultimate success.

Don’t believe us? See CRMDialer in action for yourself! Sign up for a free account today.