The debt collection industry is booming. Experts estimate that around 30 million Americans have one or more debts in collections. That’s a massive scale.

Now consider all the lead tracking, lead nurturing, contracts and data that every debt collection company has to wrangle during the process of getting the job done. From preparing for calls to talking with customers and creating payment agreements, debt collection companies perform many different tasks. Without efficient debt collection software, it can feel like a losing battle. That’s why savvy companies are choosing powerful software to help streamline their business processes, enhance the way they organize all their important information and communicate with clients.

And that is what makes CRMDialer such a standout in the otherwise crowded debt collection CRM marketplace. It offers an all-in-one solution with everything you need to get the job done. So, how does software for debt collection companies work? Let’s take a look at a few of the top ways it makes everything better.

Power Dialer

It Offers Powerful Communication Tools

With all the hats that debt collectors wear during the course of a workday, having a seamless, easy-to-integrate system is essential. The best debt collection software replaces your phone system and your CRM to make communicating with clients and teammates easier than ever. Want to know how? Check out some of these amazing features:

  • Power Dialer with call queues, click-to-call, and local presence to boost contact rates and let reps spend less time dialing and more time connecting with people
  • Whisper and barge capabilities so managers can offer key advice during difficult calls or join in to provide direct assistance as needed
  • IVR, voicemail drop, call forwarding and missed call notifications for efficient call routing
  • SMS for another way to follow up, send payment reminders and personalize messages to leads and clients to keep agreements on track, provide important account details and confirm contact information
  • Email that doesn’t require you to log out of the debt collection software to log in, instead using a power dialer CRM for an inbound and outbound email with tracking, the ability to create templates, email scheduling to optimize engagement and syncing to your Gmail or Outlook accounts so you can do everything on the same platform
  • Chat that lets you share images, files, and information or search for details by topic for enhanced teamwork and collaboration

Email Validation

It Helps Manage Leads

Bustling debt collection companies are often inundated with leads. Without an efficient and easy to use the system, those leads can slip through the cracks, information can end up getting crossed and opportunities could be missed altogether. But, for companies with an awesome platform like CRMDialer, they get reporting on unlimited fields, a lead importer with a duplicate checker and bulk email validation, automatic notifications as leads move through the cycle and the ability for each user to customize the view.

It Makes Note Taking Easy (And Sometimes Even Fun)

Taking notes is an essential part of the process — on calls while updating records and while setting tasks for follow-ups. With the right CRM, you can seamlessly take notes or sends emails and texts, even when you’re in the middle of a call. You can record your notes on each lead page, either using traditional manual typing or by taking advantage of the 300 percent faster method: high-quality speech recognition software.

It Makes It Easier to Keep Up with Appointments

An integrated calendar is another game-changer. This platform doesn’t just have its own calendar. It also syncs to Outlook 365 Calendar and Google Calendar and automates reminders so everyone in the debt collection company can stay on top of important meetings, appointments, and follow-ups.

It Lets You Deliver Next-Level Customer Service

When it comes to making clients happy, there are just a couple of words that you need to memorize: built-in helpdesk. This outstanding feature lets you track tickets from the moment they come in until the problem is solved. The result? Quick and efficient service for your clients. Easy monitoring for you. Win, win.

This is just a snapshot of what the right debt settlement software can do. 

For more information on how CRMDialer can help your brokerage improve your customer management, streamline your sales process, and close more policies, schedule a guided demonstration or start a free trial of the full platform.