CRM for Real Estate

Whether you’re just starting out or you’re an established real estate company, one thing remains true: building your business is the key to your success. But what’s the cornerstone of any good strategy for building a real estate business? It’s all about your customers. Nurturing existing customer relationships, identifying prospects and turning leads into clients are the bedrock of a booming realty career. Managing these relationships could mean the difference between a missed opportunity and successfully helping a client buy or sell a new property.

That is where a great customer relationship management (CRM) platform comes into play. When you have the right tools on your side, you can enjoy benefits like:

  • Money: Making more money by serving more clients and avoiding missed opportunities by capturing more (and better quality) leads.
  • Messaging: Developing strong relationships and keeping your prospects, current clients and past clients organized, which gives you superpowers when it comes to directing specific messages to a specific type of relationship at just the right time.
  • More Consistency: As a realtor, you want to stay at the top of your prospects’ and clients’ minds. To do that, you need consistency in your marketing efforts, and there’s nothing like the right real estate CRM to help you achieve just that.

There are lots of CRMs on the market, and it might seem like any of them would suffice. But here’s the thing: Not every real estate CRM is created equally. For real estate companies, the best option is an all-in-one solution that agents and management can use every day. And the best all-in-one is — hands down — CRMDialer. This game-changing platform lets you leverage the benefits of new real estate CRM along with enterprise-class technology and tools designed to streamline your processes so you can concentrate your efforts where they matter most.

The key components of a real estate CRM are a phone system, prospect and client database, integrated calendar with appointment settings for showings and meetings, SMS to follow up with potential clients, and e-Signature for getting agreements signed quickly. CRMDialer has all that — and more. It can replace your existing phone system and most real estate office software, giving your company a single platform that can do it all.

What can CRMDialer do for you? A lot. And here are nine amazing benefits that prove it.

Improve Your Leads, Understand Your Prospects

Did you know that many businesses only convert about 5% of their website visitors into prospects? That leaves an astounding 95% of visitors slipping through the cracks, never to be heard from again. Website visitor tracking changes all that. But many systems are completely separate from the rest of your platform. By the time you log out of system A and into system B, the information is already old news. That’s why CRMDialer includes real-time visitor tracking right in the system. When someone clicks onto your website, you — or your agents — get a pop-up notification with all the details necessary to take action.

Visitor Tracking Feature

Contact More People in Less Time

Sometimes less is more, but that doesn’t apply to rolling calls and getting in touch with clients and prospects. That’s why savvy real estate companies use real estate CRM that includes a phone system. CRMDialer has a power dialer with click-to-call functionality that lets agents contact up to 300% as many prospects. Plus, you can make calls right from your desktop browser for streamlined simplicity. It also includes missed call notification with the ability to set up IVR phone trees so calls get routed to the right real estate agents. You also get missed call notifications that you can set on individual levels, team levels, and company levels.

Listen in on Live Calls

Managers and leaders can listen in on live calls and even whisper to the agent on the phone to give them advice for handling challenging situations or chime in to add their two cents. Calls automatically get recorded too, which is invaluable for later analysis and training. What better way to teach fledgling realtors how to improve the way they approach client interactions? Ultimately, this could be a game-changer in helping individuals boost their sales.

Manage Your Prospect and Client Database

Client Database

Among the goals of any worthy real estate office software and real estate CRMs, improving your organization should be near the top. It should also aim to give you a unified solution and a single platform where you can store and access all your important information. Successful real estate professionals have streams of leads pouring in from multiple sources. If you had to manage databases for each of those sources, your efficiency would suffer dramatically. With the right platform, you can consolidate all the information and manage your leads from a single spot.

CRMDialer gives you unlimited leads and contacts, a lead importer with user assignments and bulk email validation, automatic notifications to the team as leads move through the sales cycle and customizable views that every user can create for themselves. And with the top-notch Speech Recognition capabilities built right in, you and your agents can take notes and update records in a fraction of the time it takes to type it all out manually.

Keep Up with Your Busy Calendar

You don’t want to miss a showing or an appointment with clients or prospects. Having dynamic calendar integrations helps you keep up with your schedule, which is why CRMDialer includes the ability to sync tasks and appointments with Outlook 365 Calendar and Google Calendar. Managers and team leaders can manage the calendars of other people on the team. Even better? You can also automate reminders so no task, follow up or appointment ever falls through the cracks again.  

Follow Up with Clients via Text

Research suggests that 98% of text messages are read within two minutes of receipt. That’s what makes SMS the perfect tool for following up with clients and confirming appointments. Over a full day, text messages have a read rate of 100%, compared to emails, which hover at a read rate of around 20%. That’s why this platform includes SMS in its fully-loaded toolbox.

Email Like a Boss

Send Emails

You also have integrated inbound and outbound emails that you can track and bind to client records. Sync your Gmail or Outlook accounts for added convenience. Choose the time and date your emails go out based on when your prospects and clients are most likely to open them. And best of all, you can create templates for yourself and your team to increase your efficacy after reviewing email analytics that shows you the best emails based on the reply, click and open rates.

Bolster the Team Environment

While much of your work as a realtor is done solo, sharing ideas, information, images, and files with the rest of the team is key to a thriving real estate company. Internal chat gives you an awesome opportunity to foster teamwork while giving everyone access to a single point where they can share information and search for details they need. CRMDialer’s chat has two key functions: internal chat for everyone in your company and B2B chat (Tech Hub) where you can create a chat community for work — with a central spot where you and your clients can communicate, share ideas, network and solve problems together.

Keep Client Service in Peak Form

Last (but never least), happy clients are repeat clients. Or at least they’re more likely to give you word of mouth recommendations. That’s why solving issues as quickly and efficiently as possible is so important. That’s also why CRMDialer created an integrated helpdesk that lets you set internal SLAs for ticket types, monitor the effectiveness of your support team and provide next-level service anytime, anywhere.

We think you’ll agree — this isn’t just an average real estate CRM. In fact, you can choose from several account options, including a real estate CRM that gives access to key features.

For more information on CRMDialer’s robust customer and lead management software, or on any of the platform’s built-in sales and productivity features. You can schedule a free demonstration, reach out to our team, or, better yet, start your free trial today!