Real Estate CRM

There are plenty of so-so CRMs out there. But the best? CRMDialer is a real estate software system that simplifies everything that you do as a real estate agent (or a real estate company) so that you can connect with more potential clients, show more properties and close more deals. You need a platform that does it all — phone, email, SMS, calendar integrations, email integration chat, lead management, note-taking, website visitor tracking, and more.

CRMDialer was born from a belief that the fewer systems you have to log in and out of, the more efficient and successful you can be and that the most ideal system should come with unlimited users plan to help you grow for the long term.

Here’s the thing; having a great CRM is essential to making your job easier. Ideally, it should help you do these five things:

  • Get More Done in Less Time: You want to obtain all of the prospect and client data from right at your fingertips. Make calls right from your browser with this real estate CRM. Take notes and send emails while you’re on calls (or on hold). Get up-to-the-minute notifications when prospects visit your website. Tackle contracts in a flash with e-signatures, and keep meticulous records with an extensive database, built-in duplicate checker and email validation. All this from one spot.
  • Nurture Strong, Lasting Relationships: Relationships are the cornerstone of a successful, lasting real estate career. You want to treat everyone from prospects to potential clients to long-term customers as your top priority. With CRMDialer on your side, you can stay consistent with your outreach, remain top of mind with the people in your community and obtain that coveted word-of-mouth recommendation that everyone strives for. In addition to a great database, this platform includes everything you need to keep detailed client records, stay on top of appointments and follow-ups and facilitate easy communication.
  • Seize More Opportunities: When you don’t have the right integrated tools on your side, you could be missing out on opportunities left and right. But with visitor tracking and lead management, you can capture more leads — and higher quality leads. Built-in SMS and email make marketing efforts a cinch, while the metrics built into the platform provide insight into what’s working and what isn’t catching a prospect’s attention.
  • Create an Awesome Team Environment: Although much of an agent’s work is done solo unless you’re a real estate office of one, you’re part of a team. Reach out to your colleagues with internal chat, which lets you share files, search for information about specific properties or topics and ask questions lightning fast — even if you’re on the phone while you’re doing it.
  • Train Your Team Faster and Easier: For a busy real estate office, getting new agents up and running quickly is a real advantage. Not only is this an intuitive, easy to use the platform, it also includes some spectacular tools for training. Call recording and archiving for later analysis and training is one. But another feature is the whisper and barge function, which lets managers or senior agents listen in and help out with a challenging call as needed.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. In addition to the seamless integrations and game-changing tools, CRMDialer offers transparent pricing with no contracts necessary. It’s also amazingly scalable.

Pretty awesome, right? That’s not the only awesome thing about this platform. As you learn more about the features that CRMDialer offers, you’ll quickly understand why it’s the best option for real estate agents. It’s a unified solution that’s user-friendly, easy to implement and power-packed with all the features you need, including the following standouts.

Stellar CRM Database

Let’s face it. You need to stay organized if you want to stay on top of all your clients, leads and prospects. If you’re anything like most real estate agents, then you probably have multiple streams of leads flowing in from a variety of sources. Having to manage multiple databases for each source becomes time-consuming and clunky. But you don’t have to do that with this platform, which includes:

  • Unlimited leads and contacts
  • A lead importer with user assignments
  • Automatic duplicate checking
  • Bulk email validation
  • Automatic notifications as leads move through the deal cycle
  • Customizable views
  • Voice recognition for easy note-taking and record-keeping

CRM Database

Power Dialer Phone System For The Real Estate Industry

Another important part of any agent’s job is making calls. CRMDialer replaces your phone system with a power dialer that lets you make calls right from your browser. Whether you’re in a marketing phase and reaching out to leads or calling clients, the power dialer lets you get it all done faster and more efficiently. It includes valuable features such as:

  • Click-to-call for faster dialing
  • Desktop notifications about missed calls
  • IVR, call waiting and voicemail drops
  • Call recordings automatically bound to the lead or client record

Power Dialer Phone

Email and SMS For The Real Estate Industry

Today’s outreach efforts are about more than just the phone. Having the ability to follow up or reach out via text messages can really increase your contact rate. Roughly 98 percent of text messages are opened and read, and most agents enjoy a response rate of around 80 percent. Not only does the platform include inbound and outbound email, but it also syncs to your Gmail and Outlook accounts, and it offers automatic email tracking, easy archiving, the ability to create email templates, open and tracking notifications and analytics that give you open, click and reply rates.

Email and SMS

Internal and B2B Chat

We mentioned how important it is to have a great team standing beside you. But picture this: You’re on the phone with a prospect interested in a specific property that you know the agent down the hall is familiar with. Instead of having to put your call on hold and go talk to that agent, you can just pull up your chat function, shoot him a quick message or search the archives to find the information you need. Communication, file sharing, and searchable channels and topics take the office culture to a new level. Plus, CRMDialer recently unveiled Tech Hub, which allows you to chat outside of the office for next-level collaboration.

Powerful Calendar & Email Integrations That Work For Real Estate

You don’t want to miss a showing or an appointment with clients or prospects. Having dynamic calendar integrations helps you keep up with your schedule, which is why CRMDialer includes the ability to sync tasks and appointments with Outlook 365 Calendar and Google Calendar. Additionally, you can set automatic reminders for tasks, follow-ups, and appointments so nothing falls through the cracks.

CRMDialer also integrates with Google Apps for Gmail and Outlook which are useful for sending and receiving emails between prospects without even being logged into the CRM. Integrated email is extremely helpful for agents who are out in the field meeting with clients all day. Emails sent and received are automatically bound to their appropriate records for you.

Built-In Real Estate Helpdesk

Problems happen in every business. Quickly and efficiently dealing with any emerging issues is key to keeping your client roster happy. And with the platform’s built-in helpdesk, you can do just that. Assign tickets to different users if needed, and track their progress from the time the issue is reported until the moment it’s resolved.

Real-time Visitor Tracking

Website visitor tracking is a beautiful thing. But for many systems, it’s an external feature that you have to log into separately from your real estate CRM. CRMDialer’s visitor tracking is built right in. When someone clicks onto your website, you — or your agents — get a pop-up notification with all the details necessary to take action and contact prospects and clients at just the right time to answer their questions, deal with potential pain points and have more meaningful connections.

Seamless Integrations

CRMDialer already connects with multiple tools to help streamline your processes. And best of all? If there’s something you need that’s not already included, the platform offers an easy API development guide so you can get up and running quickly.

As we said, the best CRM for real estate agents is the one that does it all and all on one system. CRMDialer is designed to simplify and streamline your business so you can focus on what matters most — connecting with your clients.