While most companies take years (if not decades) to find success, CRMDialer has achieved unprecedented prosperity in less than a year. Formed in 2018 as one of the CRM alternatives to Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics, CRMDialer was created to improve the way in which sales teams work.


Our company’s hard work is starting to pay off tremendously. Most recently, CRMDialer has been featured by the global creative powerhouse, Adobe, as a trusted partner CRM solution. CRMDialer shares the spotlight with the likes of Microsoft, Salesforce, Oracle, and beyond. In fact, upon our initial launch in 2010, CRMDialer was hailed as “Salesforce on steroids.”


When we finally launched in 2018, our concept was openly accepted and embraced worldwide for its cost-effectiveness, all-in-one functionality, and ease of use.


CRMDialer has been named by Adobe as a leading company in its field, fueling Adobe’s vision of simplifying and streamlining lives. We are proud of this achievement and are passionate about speeding up business processes with a solution designed to work flawlessly with your existing system.


Adobe Inc. is a multinational American computer software powerhouse, headquartered in the U.S. Adobe is constantly on the hunt for top companies that they can partner with to further improve their customer’s experiences, and we’re proud to say that CRMDialer is officially one of those companies.


This is not an achievement that we take lightly. We take this honor very seriously and will continue doing everything we can to improve our service offerings, even more, to live up to our name and affiliation with Adobe Inc.


In Adobe’s words, “Our partners are the leading global interactive agencies and top technology, platform, data, and media companies. They’ll help you to get off to a quick start and provide services to cover all of your marketing needs.”


Adobe also said the following: “Adobe Technology Partner Program members include independent software vendors, OEMs, System Integrators, and Value-added Resellers who offer solutions that are complementary to, built on, embed, or interoperate with Adobe technology…extend the value of your Adobe technology investment and drive your business with tailored solutions.”


CRMDialer’s success is no accident. It’s the result of years of preparation and hard work. Since the beginning, our vision has been to help companies grow their sales operations with e-signature contracts, a powerful lead management CRM, and an industry-leading power dialer. Today, we are proud to have reached the same levels and standards of some of the biggest and most successful companies in the world.


While Salesforce is a leader in the CRM marketplace, many user reviews state that it’s too expensive, especially for small businesses. The system also calls for extensive customization and training processes to get up and running. CRMDialer finally makes it possible for businesses of all shapes and sizes to access quality CRM solutions that are functional and affordable. Our power dialer and visitor tracking features are taking the world by storm, available in an all-in-one suite.

CRMDialer is trusted by thousands of sales teams all around the world, including Metro BPS, SwipeNow, Riverside Payments, PayRoc, Coastal Pay, FlashBanc, Metropolitan Business Payment Solutions, Payment Processing, and beyond. Today, we are proud to have added Adobe to the growing list of enterprises who trust us.


So, what is it that makes CRMDialer so special, and why is the world, including Adobe, so hyped up about it? Here are a few things that set CRMDialer apart, and some reasons why Adobe naturally chose to feature us and promote us to their valued customers:


Access to all CRM tools along with a power dialer

CRM with a phone system

Payments, calling, reporting, email, and SMS

Easy to use

Unlimited users

Powerful outbound and inbound sales

Monthly billing. No contracts.

Customer payment collection with no yearly charges

Supportive helpdesk delivering industry-leading customer service


Adobe, just like our clients, understands just how powerful our software is. While traditional CRM software is complex and challenging for most people to understand, we bring our clients back to the basics, providing only the most essential (and most powerful) CRM dialer tools.


Our clients also love the fact that they can get started in less than 60 seconds with a 100% free trial. If they don’t like the results, they don’t have to continue. However, we are yet to see anybody opt-out after their trial. Most of our clients don’t understand how they survived without CRMDialer.


CALLING. Boost agent sales and productivity with the ability to make calls directly from your browser. Engage prospects and sustain efficiency.

RECORDING. Listen to incoming or outgoing chats on demand. Disable call recording through granular area code controls.

COACHING. Learn all you need to know to be a hero in the eyes of your clients and team.

SMS. Turn more prospects into more clients through inbound/outbound texts – during sales and follow-up processes.

CHAT. People love it when companies treat them with respect and make them feel special. CRMDialer’s chat feature allows you to boost productivity by sharing files and search resources through private chats, groups, or topic-specific channels.

VOICEMAIL DROP. Send flawlessly scripted agent messages to contacts who reach your voicemail box outside of business hours.

VISITOR TRACKING. Get the conversation started through click-by-click insights. Get notified when people visit your website.

EMAIL. Put important email communication on autopilot. Send, receive, and bind emails automatically.

LOCAL PRESENCE. Provide personalized service by displaying a local caller ID in each state’s area code.


CRMDialer saves companies time without the need to log into as many systems. Our CRM platform connects you to all of the tools you know and love, including:


Adobe Sign





Google Calendar







To stay in-the-loop with CRMDialer’s latest developments, accomplishments, and achievements, be sure to follow us on our various social media channels. We regularly post updates regarding software news, sales efficiency advice, product updates, and more. We are proud to have been featured as a trusted CRM system by Adobe, and we’re excited to see what else the future has to hold.