3 Useful Tech Tools Every Real Estate Agent Needs

Technology has changed the way we do business across almost all industries, and real estate is no different. Real estate tech can help individual agents and brokerages work smarter, augmenting everything from daily calling to scheduling to lead generation, administration, and beyond. The following are just three of the many tech products on the market today that have the potential to help you grow your business while simultaneously streamlining your processes and minimizing your workload.


1) Open House Lead Capture Tech to Build Your Client Base

The key to continuous growth and maximized earnings is to maintain a steady stream of qualified leads coming in the top of your funnel. There are plenty of ways real estate agents do that, from direct mail to traditional advertising to word of mouth, and more. But open houses represent one of the best ways to make new connections with both interested buyers and potential future sellers in the neighborhood.

There are a few ways you can utilize technology to help you with this, and the easiest is to have a tablet on hand at your open houses that visitors can enter their details into. You can use a standalone app or load up your website with a simple lead capture form hooked up to a mail service like MailChimp. But the ultimate setup is to capture those live leads directly into a customer resource management system that will not only store them, but fully integrate them with all other areas of your business and automatically update them as your relationships with those new leads grow.  


2) A Power Dialer for Streamlined Calling and Data Mining Tech

Working the phones is a huge part of your business. Whether you’re following up with clients, scheduling meetings, arranging staging, or wrangling other members of your team, the phone is one of your primary tools. Your smartphone does the basic job just fine, but it only does the basic job. What your smartphone alone can’t do is help you improve the quality of your telephone interactions, help you work through your daily calling faster, or pull key client and prospect information from your calls – all things a power dialer can do. 

A power dialer is a software tool designed specifically to streamline calling – particularly in high-volume environments – by eliminating repetitive, time-consuming work like manual dialing, waiting for the beep to leave voicemails, and much more. If you opt for a power dialer integrated with a customer resource management system, like the one included with CRMDialer, every call you make – both from your cell phone and from your desk – will be automatically tied into your CRM. That means you can not only launch calls with a click directly from your clients’ and leads’ accounts, but the details of each of those interactions will be automatically captured back into your CRM, increasing the amount of valuable lead and client data you have on hand. That makes it much easier for you to maintain constant contact with your leads, deliver an elevated level of service, and build that strong, long-term relationships so crucial to success in real estate. 


3) eSignature to Free Yourself from Paperwork

Printing, scanning, faxing, signing, and sending documents over and over again eats up an enormous amount of your time. Documents also eat up an enormous amount of storage space and are a headache to manage. But electronic signature technology now enables you to handle most of your paperwork entirely digitally, eliminating the need for you (or your clients) to have to worry about printing, scanning, mailing, or dropping off another page ever again. 

There are a number of standalone electronic document services, but Adobe Sign is probably the best, and most trusted option on the market. Signing up with Adobe Sign is simple and allows easy cloud-based document creation, storage, and, most importantly, secure legal electronic signatures. But you can also access Adobe Sign directly through certain leading CRM platforms, like CRMDialer. With that integration, you can roll all of your document management directly into the same tool you use for everything from lead management to marketing to communications and beyond. It’s a simple way to save yourself a ton of time and a mountain of physical paperwork, and best of all, it offers a real benefit to your clients, too, as they’ll gain the convenience of handling all of their paperwork from their computers, tablets, or smartphones, as well.


For more information on how CRMDialer can bring all of these technologies together into a single, easy-to-use platform, click here to check out the full suite of CRMDialer’s real estate features. Or, if you’d rather get a first-hand look at everything CRMDialer can do for you and your brokerage or agency, start your no-commitment 14-day free trial of CRMDialer today!