Mortgage Loan CRM

Customer resource management platforms are becoming a must-have for mortgage professionals, as brokers have come to realize just how much value they can get out of these highly versatile tools. But when you hit the market in search of a CRM for your brokerage, how do you choose which one is right from a sea of options that might seem very similar to the uninitiated? There are some key features that all brokerages should look for when evaluating a potential mortgage CRM purchase, and advanced lead management, a complete communications suite, eSignature, and unlimited use are a few of the most important. 


Advanced Lead Management

A mortgage is a huge deal, and you need to be able to treat every one of your prospects and existing clients like they’re the only important person in the entire world. Not only do good relationships with your leads help close more deals and earn you more commissions, but they also ensure good word of mouth and repeat business, two keys to your long-term growth. The CRM platform you choose should be equipped with an advanced lead management system to allow you to handle your leads more easily and with a deeper level of control. 


A Robust Communications Suite

A big part of your job is communications. From calls and meetings with prospective homeowners to dealing with lenders, you’re constantly on the phone, sending emails, or firing off texts. But jumping back and forth between different platforms and different accounts is both a pain and a waste of time. Your CRM should solve that problem by bringing all of your communications into a single point of control, making it easier for you to keep up with clients and lenders, and reclaiming otherwise lost time. 


Electronic Signature 

The more you can digitize, the better, and electronic signature allow you to send and receive legally signed paperwork without the need for anyone to ever print a page or pull the cap off of a pen. That represents an enormous convenience for your clients and a major time-saver for you. It also helps ensure you can close deals as quickly and efficiently as possible. An ideal mortgage CRM will include an eSignature feature making it possible to apply this powerful time-saver to any standard electronic document type. 


Unlimited Lead and Document Storage

A successful practice is built up over the course of years, and a complete database of all of your leads and previous customers over that time is one of your most valuable assets. But software with limited users or limited storage capacity can get expensive as your client list gets longer and your lead generation becomes better and better. For that reason, it’s important that any CRM you choose offers unlimited lead accounts and document storage. That will ensure that as your practice grows, your software will grow with you while your monthly plan stays exactly the same!


CRMDialer is one of the most advanced customer resource management platforms on the market. Its lead management features include the ability to automatically generate lead accounts from the inbound web and email traffic, to create new leads over the phone with a single click, and to automatically log every email, call, and text to the relevant lead account. It includes a full communication suite, including an industry-leading power dialer that replaces your existing phone system (and eliminates your existing phone bill.) CRMDialer also includes electronic signature, unlimited lead and document storage, a full billing and payment suite, a customer resource portal, email marketing, advanced analytics and much more. To learn more about how CRMDialer can help your mortgage brokerage, schedule a demo today