How PhoneBurner and Other Power Dialers Help Sales Organizations

PhoneBurner is one of the most popular stand-alone power dialers on the market today. PhoneBurner and its competitors, along with CRM-integrated tools like CRMDialer, provide sales organizations with a more efficient, more effective, and cheaper way to run their calling operations. They accomplish that through a series of advanced features designed specifically to improve the mechanics and delivery of sales calls, while simultaneously eliminating the most expensive aspects of telephone operations, like high-end hardware and landlines. 


Bringing Call Centers to the Cloud

In essence, a power dialer is a complete call center condensed into a single, easy-to-use piece of software. And because most power dialers today operate on the cloud, all an agent needs to use one is a computer with an internet connection and a headset. The costs associated with purchasing and maintaining expensive enterprise phone hardware are completely eliminated. In the case of some systems, like CRMDialer, a mobile app even lets agents use the dialer right from their smartphones or tablets. 

Cloud-based calling also eliminates the need for hard-wired phone lines and, with it, the monthly phone bill. Companies using dialers will generally find that they’re much more economical than standard phone plans, which, combined with the hardware savings, makes power dialers an extremely attractive option for the bottom line. 


Advanced Sales Calling Features

While power dialers certainly cut down the cost of calling, their true power lies in their ability to make sales calling more efficient and the sales process itself more effective. Dialers like CRMDialer and PhoneBurner come packed with features designed to help sales agents and support staff handle more calls each shift and make the most out of each customer or prospect interaction. 

Automatic Dialing:

Most dialers enable agents to build out their day’s call lists into a queue within the system. Once launched, the dialer can then automatically work through the list, call-by-call. When one call ends, the next automatically launches, and agents can customize the interval between to ensure they have enough time to take notes or prepare for the next call. Automatic dialing eliminates the time and repetitive strain involved with dialing numbers manually all day – a major productivity and morale booster. 

One-Click Voicemail Drop:

In high-volume sales calling, time is money, and the time it takes to wait for the beep can’t be spared. As a result, many agents opt to hang up rather than eat up time waiting to leave a message. But hanging up without leaving voicemail misses out on a potential touch with the prospect – a wasted opportunity. With one-click voicemail drop, agents can select a pre-recorded message with a single click. When they hang up, the system will keep the line open in the background and deliver the message at the beep. The agent gets to have their cake and eat it, too, moving on to the next call right away and leaving a voicemail message to open up the chance of a callback. 

Interactive Voice Response (IVR):

IVR systems streamline inbound calling by augmenting the traditional front desk with an automated option tree. By giving the caller the option to direct their connection upfront through an automated system, IVR reduces the chances of a call being routed to the wrong person. That ensures customers and leads get better, more consistent service when they do connect with someone rather than being kept on hold or transferred around – an all-too-common occurrence, especially in inbound customer support. 

Training Aids and Insights:

Power dialers offer analytics tools that use the enormous amount of data generated by calls to paint a clear picture of all aspects of calling operations. Those analytics tools, along with features like call recording and listen-in, can be used to analyze and evaluate agent performance and to identify weak spots that can be addressed through training. As a result, managers and HR staff can put together more targeted, personalized training programs to help each agent tackle their unique weaknesses and reach their full potential as salespeople. 

CRM Integration:

Power dialers can be integrated with customer resource management systems to create sales software with nearly unparalleled capability. By combining the two sales tools, the dialer can feed data into the CRM – improving the picture agents have of each lead and customer – and the CRM can feed data back to the dialer for use by agents when on calls. The result is an improvement in the quality of the sales process itself, in addition to more efficient calling. CRMs can be integrated into third-party tools like PhoneBurner with a few tricks, but an even better option is a natively-integrated system like CRMDialer, which ensures all aspects of both the dialer and the CRM are seamlessly married. 


Power dialers like PhoneBurner and CRMDialer offer an enormous amount of utility to businesses thanks to their ability to pack the full power of an entire call center onto each agent’s computer or mobile device at a lower cost than any traditional phone system can compete with. To find out more about how CRMDialer and its unique CRM-power dialer integration can help your sales organization, reach out to the team or get started with a no-commitment 14-day free trial today.