The Best PhoneBurner Alternative - CRMDialer

PhoneBurner is an extremely capable dialer and cloud-based call center, offering users a wide variety of calling features and an easy-to-navigate, easy-to-use interface. But what PhoneBurner doesn’t offer is versatility. It’s a tool that does one thing very well, but it only does one thing. And, while PhoneBurner can handle all of a company’s calling needs, its inability to collect and use the enormous amount of customer data generated by the calls that go through it means its potential is inherently stunted. 


CRMDialer, on the other hand, is both a full-featured power dialer and a full-featured customer resource management (CRM) system combined in a single, seamless package. It does everything PhoneBurner does on the calling side, but also provides users with all the lead management, sales, and productivity capabilities of the best CRMs on the market. And, most importantly, it ensures that the mountain of valuable data generated by sales calls is always captured, stored, and used to improve all aspects of the sales process, including the next call.  


CRMDialer Power Dialer Features

CRMDialer is packed full of the same features that put PhoneBurner at the top of the power dialer market, including queued automatic dialing, voicemail drop, built-in IVR, local presence, advanced analytics, and much more. 

Automatic Dialing

Like PhoneBurner, CRMDialer enables users to build out queues of their day’s calls, which the dialer can then work through automatically. Before launching a new call, the dialer can be set to wait as long as the user prefers to provide time to regroup or take notes. The next call will then launch automatically, with no need for a single number to be dialed. By allowing the dialer to automatically launch new calls as each one is completed, users not only work faster, but the repetitive mental and physical strain associated with dialing is reduced – a big plus, especially in high-volume call centers. 

One-Click Voicemail Drop

Sales calling is often a game of sheer numbers, meaning maximizing revenue depends heavily on maximizing call volume. Waiting for the beep to leave a message on missed connections eats up time that agents just can’t afford to waste. That creates a tough decision: leave a message and lose valuable time or move on immediately and miss the chance to make at least some contact? CRMDialer and PhoneBurner both eliminate the dilemma by enabling users to leave a pre-recorded voicemail with a single click. Agents can move on to the next call right away while the system waits in the background to drop the voicemail.

Interactive Voice Response

Top power dialers like PhoneBurner and CRMDialer come with built-in IVR systems that make it fast and easy to create automated inbound calling trees. With IVR, inbound callers can take control of their sales or support experience and tell the system where they want to be connected, ensuring fewer holds and transfers while reducing the workload on reception staff. 

Local Presence

Local presence is a feature that enables users to select their outgoing phone number to match the area code of their intended recipient. Seeing a familiar area code on call display makes leads far more likely to answer, as unfamiliar numbers are now widely screened by people tired of calls from scammers and bad actors. With CRMDialer’s local presence system, agents can switch numbers in a matter of seconds. Numbers can be easily imported, or if a number matching a prospect area code isn’t already owned, agents can purchase one with a few clicks from right within the dialer. 

Calling Analytics

Knowledge is power, and tools like PhoneBurner and CRMDialer provide advanced analytics on calling operations to help managers make better decisions and identify opportunities for improvement. CRMDialer’s dialer analytics dashboard is fully configurable and easily searchable, making it easy for users to find the information they need on agent performance, calls dialed, call times, call results, and much more. Permission-based access also makes it easy to limit data to only those who should be able to see it. But, unlike PhoneBurner, CRMDialer also offers analytics on all other areas of operations, from sales to marketing campaigns to payments to support systems and beyond. 


Seamless CRM Power Dialer Integration 

One thing PhoneBurner does not offer is native integration with a customer resource management system. That isn’t to say that PhoneBuner can’t be integrated with CRMs, but it will always be an afterthought – an almost jerry-rigged solution. CRMDialer, by comparison, was designed from the start with the CRM and the power dialer combined as a single unit. That offers a level of performance that no third-party dialer integration can match. 


With CRMDialer, users can always be certain that customer data – the core of all CRM operations – is flowing friction-free between the dialer and the CRM. No hiccups; no limitations on what can be collected; no lost data. The result is that the business intelligence that can be generated from dialer data is far more complete than with any other system.


Likewise, transitioning between the CRM and the power dialer is a seamless process that can be done in either direction, from anywhere in the system, in seconds. That not only saves users time, it ensures that sales agents will always have immediate access to the customer information they need, exactly when they need it, including right in the middle of a sales call. 


The full list of other benefits CRMDialer offers over PhoneBurner is long, but just a few include full communications integration, a built-in helpdesk, billing and payments capability, and – extremely importantly – unlimited users. 


To find out more about everything CRMDialer can do for your sales organization, reach out to the team or start your no-commitment 14-day free trial today.