• Email Marketing: How Often is Appropriate to Email Clients and Prospects?


    Email marketing is still one of the best ways to reach out to prospects and customers alike thanks to its wide acceptance among consumers and the rich analytics that can be easily generated from it by marketers. The success of all email marketing campaigns depends entirely on maximizing open rates, since an ignored or deleted […]

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  • The Power of Email Validation – Keeping Your Mailing Lists Clean for Maximum Success

    The Power of Email Validation

    While mobile and SMS marketing, are becoming a larger part of many companies’ marketing efforts, email marketing has still proven to be one of the most reliable and effective ways to reach out to prospects and existing customers. However, ISPs and email providers like Gmail and Hotmail have taken anti-spam efforts to new heights that […]

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  • Do You Think That Zerobounce.net Is The Best Email Validation Site, In Terms Of Performance And Cost?


    We think so! That’s why we chose ZeroBounce as a key integration for our marketing CRM. Starting in late 2017, email validation with ZeroBounce was included with every account. Here’s the thing: ZeroBounce is trusted by lots of companies — large and small — and it has even won some awards for its efforts. In January, the […]

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  • Which Is The Best Bulk Email Validation Tool And Integrated CRM?

    At the risk of sounding immodest, we think ours is! CRMDialer gives you bulk email validation — and so much more. CRMDialer provides email validation credits through our CRM and integrates with ZeroBounce as the email validation provider. The email validation functionality can be executed with a single click in our CRM: Email marketing is a high […]

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  • What Are The Top Web Analytics Tools For Visitor Tracking On A Granular Level For Leads Over Time?

    Web Analytics

    We’re big fans of real-time website visitor tracking in CRMDialer. The visitor tracking functionality sets up salespeople with exact knowledge of what they should talk to prospects about based on their browsing history on a particular domain. CRMDialer will instantly show a popup when a cookied user has returned back to your site, notify what the person […]

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