The Power of Email Validation

While mobile and SMS marketing, are becoming a larger part of many companies’ marketing efforts, email marketing has still proven to be one of the most reliable and effective ways to reach out to prospects and existing customers. However, ISPs and email providers like Gmail and Hotmail have taken anti-spam efforts to new heights that have, unfortunately, resulted in a lot of legitimate email traffic being unfairly penalized.

That makes it more important than ever for you to ensure your mailing lists are clean and that your email traffic is reaching inboxes instead of spam folders. Effective email validation is the key to both and offers major benefits to all businesses engaging in this tried and true marketing practice.


Save Money by Saving List Space

Most autoresponder solutions charge based on the number of contacts stored, and the price-jumps between packages can be extreme. That means duplicated, invalid or dead emails stored on your list can be extremely costly. The bigger a list grows, the more likely it is to become contaminated with large numbers of invalid addresses. Sometimes they’re entered intentionally, but more often than not they’re the result of simple entry mistakes from prospects that otherwise genuinely wished to sign up

Email validation helps ensure that incorrectly entered emails never make it onto your list, ensuring you’ll never waste a penny on junk email addresses. In cases of significant mistakes like missing domain extensions or a forgotten “@,” it also ensures the end-user is alerted so that they can correct the mistake and reenter their contact information correctly.


Avoid Spam Traps and Penalties

Your outgoing email is not spam, but that doesn’t mean it won’t get caught in spam traps. Spam traps are email addresses specifically designed to report incoming emails as spam. Those reports can have extremely negative consequences for your email marketing efforts because once too many piles up, email providers will begin directing inbound messages from your outbound email addresses directly to your recipients’ spam folders.

Email validation helps avoid these traps by using a database of information on past contacts to predict which addresses are most likely to result in a hard bounce or a spam report. That trap detection is invaluable in maximizing successful deliveries and keeping your campaigns profitable.


Maximize Open Rates to Maximize Campaign Success

Conversions are everything in email marketing, and the first step to successful conversions is strong open rates. Emails that get sent to spam folders or bounce due to inactive or incorrect addresses never make it to the inbox and have a zero-percent chance of being opened. Not only does that waste money and risk spam penalties, but it also contaminates your marketing data.

Success in marketing is all about accurately measuring your results so that you can fine-tune your efforts. Email validation ensures that the data you get back accurately reflects how your campaigns are interacting with your end-reader, allowing you to make educated adjustments and keeping your campaigns profitable.

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