• What Features Do You Need from A CRM To Run A Successful Real Estate Company?

    Real Estate Company

    Real estate is a competitive business with limited supply but almost never-ending demand. That makes a good real estate agent a home buyer or seller’s best friend – but standing out from the crowd and ensuring new entrants to the market call your agency is a constant challenge. One way more and more real estate […]

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  • How To Boost Your Conversions In 2019 Using Customer Resource Management Technology

    Boost Your Conversions

    In some ways, the sales process has remained unchanged for as long as there has been commerce. But in many other ways, it’s constantly evolving, and in 2019 the most rapid changes are occurring in how we apply technology – like customer resource management tools – to the task of converting prospects into paying customers. […]

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  • How to Better Organize Your Leads


    Do you want to sell more? Increase your bottom line? There’s a sure-fire way to do all that and more by organizing your prospects and tending to your pipeline. The only way is with effective lead management. Sounds simple, right? Some interesting research recently painted a surprising picture of the current sales climate. According to […]

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