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Real estate is a competitive business with limited supply but almost never-ending demand. That makes a good real estate agent a home buyer or seller’s best friend – but standing out from the crowd and ensuring new entrants to the market call your agency is a constant challenge. One way more and more real estate professionals are choosing to face that challenge is with the help of customer resource management tools, like CRMDialer. But not all CRMs are created equal, so it’s important to look for certain features that specifically benefit the real estate industry when shopping for one. The following are just a few of the most important to keep an eye out for. 


Long-term Lead Management

Real estate sales is a long-term game in which it’s not only crucial to have a constant supply of fresh, high-quality leads coming in the top of your funnel, but also to nurture those leads so that buyers and sellers both come to you when the time finally comes for them to make a move. 

CRMDialer’s lead management system enables your team to both generate more inbound leads and to get more from each one. It automates as much of the process as possible, removing most of the busy-work associated with lead management and eliminating the potential for human error that causes otherwise hot leads to slip through the cracks. 

With CRMDialer, you can automatically collect leads from your website, custom links embedded in emails, and even links or QR codes printed on postcards. When the lead visits the link and enters their information, the system will automatically collect it and populate a new lead profile. From there, every interaction you have with that lead – from email to phone calls, to SMS messages, to website visits – will be automatically tracked and logged by CRMDialer.

You can also categorize your leads better, ensuring that each prospect is sorted by their status, readiness to buy and sell, demographics, or any other criteria you want. That’s especially valuable for real estate agencies that focus on certain niches, like first-time homeowners or empty nesters looking to downsize.


Outbound Marketing Automation

Outbound marketing is a big part of the real estate business. If you’ve been in the game for a while, you’ve probably sent out more than your fair share of calendars and fridge magnets. And while those types of items are still important, timely calling and consistent text and email marketing are the pillars of any modern real estate marketing mix. A good real estate CRM should make your life easier and save you time by automating as much of that process aa possible, and CRMDialer does exactly that.

The marketing side of CRMDialer provides complete email marketing capability, bringing your autoresponder, your email creation tools, and your analytics all into a single point of control. You can use preinstalled, editable templates to easily build a complete email marketing series, timed to go out to your prospects either in preset intervals or on specific important dates. 

You can also manage outbound SMS marketing, reaching users on their smartphones through the preferred method of communication of an entire generation of young home buyers. 


Advanced Schedule Management

Real estate is busy. Between communicating with clients, running marketing campaigns, staging homes, conducting showings, and daily housekeeping around the office, a realtor’s time is in high demand. As a result, high-powered realtors know how important it is to maintain a tight schedule and to minimize every minute of wasted time they can.

CRMDialer tackles that hectic pace by providing realtors with advanced schedule management that makes it easier to run a tight ship and also enables them to operate most of their sales and communication functions right from within their calendar. 

Your team can integrate their existing Gmail and Outlook calendars directly into the CRM with ease, syncing them up with all other areas of the system. Agents can then create new tasks and schedule appointments from within their calendar or an individual lead’s profile, quickly upload meeting notes, access lead data with a single click on any existing event, launch emails, phone calls or SMS messages, and much more, all from right within their calendar. 


Built-In Telemarketing Tools

Phone calls are a daily necessity for every real estate agent. That’s especially true if you’re using a marketing plan like “the daily five” – five calls a day to different leads, for five minutes each. Improving both the time it takes to make your daily calls, and the quality of your on-phone performance can go a long way to helping make that daily calling worthwhile, and CRMDialer’s built-in power dialer is the ultimate tool for the job. 

The dialer completely replaces your office’s existing phone system and is designed to provide frictionless access to a whole host of calling tools for your entire team. It can be launched with a single click from anywhere within the CRM, or your agents can launch calls from any lead or customer’s profile by clicking the telephone button beside the lead’s contact info. 

Once on a call, agents can access the entirety of your stored lead information and all areas of the system right while on the call. That enables your team to provide a better sales process and a more personalized on-phone experience – two keys to successful telemarketing. The dialer also enables one-click or automated dialing of daily call sheets, one-click voicemail drop, complete IVR inbound call routing, and call recording capabilities for training and quality control purposes. 

It’s never been easier for your agents to maintain consistent contact with your leads. That means when they finally decide its time to sell, or they get asked for a realtor recommendation, you’ll always be at top of mind. 


On-the-go Mobile Access

Real estate sales require realtors to be out of the office often, working on things like staging, conducting open houses, or showing homes to prospective buyers. During those out of office times, the rest of the job doesn’t stop, making on-the-go multitasking a key skill. 

The new CRMDialer mobile app puts the power of customer resource management in your agents’ hands no matter where they are. That enables them to handle all of their daily tasks from anywhere, so that they’ll never have to wait to get back to the office to take care of a lead, access customer data, or take advantage of the cloud-based dialer. 


For more information on how CRMDialer can help your real estate agency or brokerage serve your clients better and supercharge your prospecting and sales process A me.mber of the team would be happy to walk you through a guided demonstration, or you can start a commitment-free 14-day trial and put the platform into action for yourself!