The Best CRM Software for 2020

Customer resource management software has exploded in popularity over the past five to ten years and is now considered mission-critical software in a wide variety of industries. But companies looking to unlock the benefits of CRM are faced with a huge number of options, with wide variation in the features and capabilities offered. Luckily, in 2020, one platform stands out above the rest of the crowd. Thanks to its enormous list of features, unparalleled tool integration, and built-in power dialer, CRMDialer leads the pack in both capability and value. Its feature list is constantly growing as the platform is constantly being improved and expanded, but as of today, the following represent just a few of the areas that make CRMDialer the leading customer resource management platform on the market. 


Lead Management Software:

CRMDialer is designed to make your lead collection and management easier and more effective, offering a smoother transition from the top of your sales funnel to the bottom. Existing leads can be easily imported into the system, and new leads can be automatically generated from your website, email communications, or even right over the phone. 

Once a lead is in the system, your agents will always have complete access to all relevant lead information, including manual and automatically generated notes on each and every lead interaction. The result is airtight lead management that ensures no qualified prospect ever slips through the cracks. 


Sales Process Delivery:

Because CRMDialer tracks every contact your team has with each and every lead in the system, your team will have access to a new level of insight into each lead’s needs based on information that can be accessed prior to and during every sales meeting or call. 

Better access to more complete information means your sales team can offer a more personalized experience and more tailored solutions. The effectiveness of your sales process will increase significantly as a result, and deals can be closed more quickly than ever before – all thanks to unparalleled access to the entirety of your collected prospect information.



CRMDialer’s built-in power dialer is designed to revolutionize your calling operations by eliminating the friction points that traditionally inhibit call centers. Features like call queuing, automatic dialing, and one-click voicemail drop will enable your agents to eliminate the most repetitive and time-consuming parts of their day in order to significantly increase the speed and efficiency of their calls. 

Additional features include local presence dialing to ensure elevated answer rates on out-of-state calls, advanced call recording and listen-in functions, full IVR call routing, and more. Best of all, because the dialer is totally cloud-based, you can scrap your monthly phone bill and you’ll never need to worry about expensive hardware upgrades again. 


Communications Software:

CRMDialer brings all of your communications into a single platform, offering unparalleled convenience and control without the need to manage multiple accounts or logins. You can integrate Gmail, Outlook, or self-hosted email accounts so that all inbound and outbound mail can be handled from within the CRM and automatically syncs with the native client. You can also run all of your marketing emails from within the platform thanks to built-in templates and complete autoresponder functionality. Finally, CRMDialer offers a two-way SMS messaging suite, enabling you to take advantage of one of today’s most popular (and most highly engaging) communication mediums. 


Billing and Payments:

The built-in billing and payments suite makes invoicing and getting paid on time a breeze. Invoices can be generated and sent in minutes using built-in templates, and recurring billing can be quickly and easily set up to automatically send new invoices at any frequency desired. 

Once an invoice goes out the door, complete integration with and the ACH network enable payments to be accepted by credit card or e-check directly through the CRM, even right over the phone with a client. The result is faster payment collection, reduced accounts receivable, and healthier cash flow. 



CRMDialer doesn’t only help sales teams, it also offers a complete set of administrative productivity tools designed to help the entire office. Gmail and Outlook calendars can be easily imported and managed from within the system, offering centralized, permissions-based scheduling. Internal chat provides a built-in team collaboration environment offering features rivaling top third-party platforms like Slack and Microsoft Teams. CRMDialer also includes unlimited document management, enabling your admin team to minimize or even eliminate your office’s need to store and manage bulky paper files. 


Management and Training:

The platform is ideally suited for quality control and training development thanks to its complete analytics suite and management-facing features. From a training perspective, managers can use the built-in analytics to drill down data on each individual employee, tracking productivity and sales success. The ability to listen in on live calls or review call recordings than makes it possible for management to laser-target the strengths and weaknesses of each agent and to develop custom-tailored training programs accordingly. 

The powerful analytics suite provides complete metrics on companywide CRM usage covering everything from the lead population, to call activity, to email, to SMS messaging, to sales, and beyond. That data can be sorted and displayed as needed thanks to the platform’s highly customizable reporting dashboard, making it easier than ever for management to gain access to the useful business intelligence they need to make good short and long-term decisions. 


CRMDialer is a true one-stop solution for all of your company’s sales, productivity, and administration needs, and the platform offers an unparalleled set of features, making it the top CRM software available in 2020. For more information on the CRMDialer’s complete capability, visit A member of the team would be happy to provide you with a guided demonstration, or you can start a no-commitment free trial today!