What is Power Dialing and Why Should You Use It?

Power dialing is a sales calling method that uses software to speed up the dialing process and, in many cases, dial sales calls entirely automatically. Power dialer software also generally offers a variety of useful features ranging from one-click voicemail drop to interactive voice response (IVR) call routing to advanced analytics and more. 


It’s important to draw a distinction between power dialers and auto-dialers. Power dialers increase efficiency and productivity, but still limit agents to one call at a time. Autodialers launch multiple calls at once, resulting in the recipient answering the phone only to find a dead line until the system connects them to an agent. While auto-dialing sales calls is illegal in many jurisdictions, power dialing is completely legal and one of the most powerful tools your sales organization can put to use. 


Why Your Sales Organization Should Use a Power Dialer

Power dialers offer so many benefits that effectively all sales teams, regardless of size or industry, can benefit from their use. The following represent just four of the many reasons that your sales organization should consider adopting a power dialer if you aren’t already running one. 

1) Power Dialers Significantly Increase Efficiency

The main purpose of a power dialer is to increase calling efficiency. In high-volume call centers, efficiency is everything. More calls per agent per shift means more revenue generated, making a good power dialer a mission-critical tool. But even small sales teams that only use the phone as part of the sales process can benefit from the efficiency power dialers offer. By bringing the phone onto the computer, power dialers can make everything from organizing contacts to calling to scheduling faster and easier. Features like call queues and one-click dialing allow sales professionals to better organize their daily calls and knock them out in less time. Even impromptu calls can be launched with a single click. The result is that every salesperson, regardless of how or what they sell, stands to reclaim lost time – time they can use to contact more leads and conduct more sales activities. 

2) Power Dialers Create a Better Work Environment

Traditional phones are not user-friendly. There are physical tolls to using bulky, outdated desktop phones – like sore necks from employees cradling their handsets against their shoulders – but the biggest tolls are actually mental. Dialing numbers over and over again is extremely dull, repetitive work that has the potential to wear down sales agents. The strain of repetition is one of the biggest drivers of sky-high turnover in call center jobs, and a power dialer is a great way to reduce it. Because a power dialer can launch calls for an agent either automatically from a queue or with a single click, the act of dialing – and the repetitive strain that comes with it – is eliminated entirely. Less repetition creates a healthier work environment and improves everything from morale to productivity, in addition to reducing turnover. 

3) Power Dialers Reduce Costs and Complexity

A power dialer is a fully self-contained enterprise telephone system. But, because it operates on the cloud, there is no need for specialized hardware or hard-wired lines. Agents can log in and start making calls with nothing more than their computer and a headset. In some cases, like the power dialer included with CRMDialer, agents can even make calls through the dialer on their cell phones. In contrast, traditional enterprise phone systems like the ones offered by Cisco require expensive desktop handsets, hard-wired phone lines, and, in some cases, even specialized maintenance and tech support. Adopting a power dialer eliminates all the complexity and hardware costs associated with legacy phone systems while also generally offering better rates than traditional enterprise phone plans.  

4) Power Dialers Can Improve the Sales Process

One benefit no desktop phone can match is a power dialer’s ability to integrate directly into other software – specifically, a company’s customer resource management software. Tying together a power dialer and a CRM – or better yet, getting a pair that is integrated out of the box – allows the dialer to feed data into the CRM, improving a sales organization’s customer profiles. Likewise, agents can access the stored information in the CRM in seconds while using the power dialer, enabling better preparation and execution of sales calls. By enabling both better collection and use of customer data, a power dialer can significantly improve the quality of the sales process in addition to making it more efficient and easier for agents to navigate. 



CRMDialer is a leading customer resource management system with a full-featured power dialer built-in right out of the box. While tying together distinct dialers and CRMs from separate companies can lead to integration issues and limitations on performance, CRMDialer is designed specifically to ensure the dialer works with and is accessible from all parts of the CRM, enabling agents to navigate between the two sides of the system effortlessly, accessing whatever they need in a matter of a few clicks and a few seconds. 

For a firsthand look at how CRMDialer and its advanced power dialer can increase your team’s efficiency, bring down your costs, and improve your sales process, start your no-commitment 14-day free trial today.