Top 5 Advantages of a Power Dialer CRM

The telephone has been used as a sales tool since at least the early 1900s, and today, modern desktop phone systems and the ways we use them aren’t really all that far removed from the rotaries of 120 years ago. There is, however, a much more modern, much more advanced, and much more efficient solution available on the market – cloud-based power dialers. These systems bring calling into the 21st century by bringing together sales calling with advanced data use, especially in the case where they’re integrated directly with customer resource management systems. The following are five of the many ways a modern CRM power dialer blows traditional enterprise phone systems out of the water, and why you should consider making the switch if you haven’t already. 


1) Say Goodbye to Monthly Phone Bills

Because a power dialer-enabled CRM offers a complete cloud-based calling solution, your standard phone service becomes redundant and unnecessary. That enables you to cut the proverbial cord and to eliminate your monthly phone bill. The savings created are significant, especially with platforms like CRMDialer that offer unlimited users. It’s just one example of the many ways a power dialer can help you slash costs while simultaneously improving productivity. 

2) Eliminate the Need for Expensive Hardware and Support

With CRMDialer, every member of your staff needs nothing more than a headset and an internet connection – two things probably already available at every desk. That means, along with your monthly phone bill, you can also eliminate the need for the overpriced and unnecessarily complex hardware required for most enterprise phone systems. And that hardware isn’t only expensive upfront, it also costs a fortune in ongoing support due to the need for specialized IT staff to handle maintenance and upgrades. All of those expenses are eliminated when you embrace the simplicity of cloud-based power dialing. 

3) Turn Your Phone Into a Smart Sales Tool

A traditional phone is like a hammer. It does what it does well, but it’s really only useful for one thing, and it does nothing to make the job of the craftsman using it any easier. If a standard handset is a hammer, A CRM-enabled power dialer is like a computerized CNC machine, capable of handling most of the work on its own with the push of a button. That’s because tools like CRMDialer are designed specifically to automate the most repetitive, most time-consuming tasks your staff suffers through each day. Whether it’s manually dialing phone numbers all day, wasting time waiting for the beep to leave a message, or entering the details of calls manually into tracking systems, the power dialer built into CRMDialer uses automation to shave time and eliminate mind-numbing repetition, resulting in a happier, healthier, more productive workforce.

4) Supercharge Your Agents’ Calling Effectiveness

Selling over the phone is often all about volume, especially in the earliest stages when leads are still fresh and unqualified. But once a lead is interested, getting to yes is still all about delivering an effective, well-executed sales process. CRMDialer’s power dialer helps your agents both improve and speed up the sales process by ensuring they always have complete access to all of the stored data you have on each lead. That heightened knowledge and situational awareness make it easier for agents to anticipate customer needs, meet any objections that arise, and make them feel like they’re the top priority and not just another name on a list. 

5) Access Advanced Reporting for Management, Training, and QC 

Your traditional enterprise phone system might be feature-rich, but what it almost certainly can’t do is provide you with the level of analytics and business insight available from cloud-based power dialers. With a phone system like CRMDialer’s, you can access complete data on your calling on a company-wide and agent-by-agent level. You can also easily access recordings of agent calls, or even listen-in live. That enables quality control and compliance monitoring on a level unmatched by traditional systems. On the training-side, a power dialer enables you to easily identify individual agent weaknesses, allowing for better, more targeted training development.


CRMDialer is one of the most advanced customer resource management systems currently available, and its built-in power dialer offers a level of calling integration unparalleled by any other platform on the market. Because the calling tools are a part of CRMDialer by design rather than a shoehorned in third-party system, you’ll enjoy seamless data flow between your dialer and the rest of the CRM’s lead management, sales, and productivity tools.

If you’re ready to find out more, get in touch with a member of the team to book a free guided demonstration of the platform, or start your no-commitment free trial and put all of CRMDialer’s industry-leading features to work today!