Power Dialer CRM

Making a smart investment for your company does not mean that you have to spend a small fortune with on-site software and hardware. Instead, you could benefit from a cloud-based CRM, which means that your sales agents or customer support assistants are going to be able to work remotely through a web browser. Accessing a system from anywhere on any device with a browser is one of the countless advantages that are currently associated with our Power Dialer CRM. The best part about it is the fact that you do not have to settle for local candidates for the job openings that you have available.

Take your business to the next level by always getting in touch solely with ideal candidates. This is an important aspect that might not have been accessible to you before when you only had the option to invest in an on-site solution. Well, now, the tables have turned, thus offering you the chance to hire candidates across the continent for the specific skills that your company needs. Regardless of the size of your business, you stand to benefit from hosted business management software while being able to adjust its features to your budget. How is that even possible? Well, depending on the CRM provider that you choose, you may or may not benefit from maximum flexibility when it comes to the services that you opt-in for.

For example, our software will offer you the chance to pick the features that you are actually going to use and pay solely for these and not a one-size-fits-all standard package. Of course, there are also packages available and you have the chance to pick the one that best matches your needs. If you believe that your business is going to keep on growing, the smartest decision you could make would be to opt for the Unlimited Visitor Tracking CRM. This means that you can have as many agents as you need talking to your clients, regardless if they are trying to sell something or offer customer support.

At the same time, you can add as many contacts as you want, thus having the possibility of ever-increasing your database of clients, which will inherently lead to additional sales and returning customers. Just try to imagine deploying an email marketing campaign using your entire database. The sales numbers will be booming! An important advantage associated with the unlimited plan is that you even have tens of thousands of minutes included, which means that your employees will be able to call leads and clients and talk for as much as they need to so that they can close those deals!

When you rely on our Power Dialer CRM, you can be certain that it will help you improve the level of productivity associated with your team and increase efficiency on all plans. When it comes to incoming calls, these can be easily queued up until your agents are available to take them. When talking about outbound sales, you can create outbound call queues and helpdesk tickets quickly by assigning each ticket to the appropriate team member. This way, you will always know who was responsible for a specific task. You can even record calls and have access to these recordings at all times, directly from a customer’s record.

An important part of your business is also likely to Collect Customer Payments, which may be quite challenging, especially when your clients prefer certain payment options that you are unable to provide or don’t offer due to a tedious reconciliation process. Well, the good news is that we have it all figured out! Regardless of your clients would like to use credit cards or e-checks, you can now accept payments in real-time and get paid much faster than you used to before with affordable service fees. Payments can happen while one of your sales agents is on a phone with a prospective customer that is ready to purchase your products or services.

Obviously, this is just an example of how things could lead to getting paid right away instead of waiting days until payments are accepted and transferred to you. Another amazing advantage regarding our payment collection tool is the billing software that makes everything so much easier than before. For instance, when you have clients that opt for monthly services, issuing a bill every single month can be time-consuming. You would need to check the calendar and your notes to see which customer has opted for such services and then manually issue them a monthly invoice.

Why shouldn’t you benefit from an automated process that allows you to handle other tasks that help you grow the business? After all, our customer billing software will issue invoices automatically without getting you involved and notify you once the payment has been processed successfully. Either way, there will be no more inefficient time used to generate invoices and following up with customers for payments.

Another useful feature associated with our software is Website Visitor Tracking, which is designed to increase your sales numbers instantly. How? Well, the process is quite simple. The platform will track visitors and their entire journey on your website. This means that you will know more about the pages that website visitors browsed, the products that they have looked at, how much time they spent on each page and so on. This information is extremely useful for salespeople to place calls to prospecting by providing the insight of which products or services to promote. Convincing a prospect to make a purchase is going to be much faster and easier than ever.

Once you know the specific interests of a prospect, it means that you can focus on the advantages that these products or services have to offer and get leads to the point where they want to place their order and pay for it. In this case, you will be relying on two features: website visitor tracking and Collect Customer Payments to process a transaction and receive next day funding directly into your business bank account. Before making any final decisions regarding the different features that would suit your business model, it would be useful to contact our team so that we can guide you towards choosing a personalized solution that does not only match your needs but also your specific budget. We are here to help your business grow!

For more information on CRMDialer’s robust customer and lead management software, or on any of the platform’s built-in sales and productivity features. You can schedule a free demonstration, reach out to our team, or, better yet, start your free trial today!