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While everyone else is talking about customer relationship management, as a recruiter you need candidate recruiting management software to help you cope with some of the challenges you face every day. Navigating a fast-paced job market in which demand often outpaces the supply of talent isn’t always easy. But if you have the right tools and technology on your side, you can focus more on engaging with candidates and clients, which can only benefit your bottom line.

The best recruiting software can do all that. And that’s where CRMDialer comes into play. Look, there are lots of recruiting software options out there. But how many provide a single solution that replaces your phone system, offers an amazing database and helps you keep up with candidate engagement — all while reinforcing your branding and providing fewer systems to have to log in and out of?

The creators behind CRMDialer believe in providing a power-packed toolkit to save you time, streamline your business and increase profitability. And that’s what makes this platform the best recruiting software out there. We’ve rounded up some of the top features sure to make your recruiting tasks easier and more efficient.

A Database to Keep You Organized

This platform gives you the database you need to manage candidates, clients, and opportunities seamlessly – all without having to log in and out of other systems. You get a database with unlimited reporting and the added benefits of user assignments, bulk importing (to wrangle those lengthy incoming lists) and bulk email validation. Notifications keep everyone up to date as applicants move through the recruiting process, going from prospect to candidate to hired employee.

Power Dialer CRM With Call Recording & Local Presence

Make and receive calls with CRMDialer’s power dialer. Calls are recorded and local presence is included as well.

Communication Tools to Contact More Candidates in Less Time

In addition to a standout database, this platform delivers a suite of communication tools designed to help you supercharge your communications. It’s a power dialer CRM that replaces your existing phone system and allows you to make calls right from your browser. No need to log out of the database; you can pull up a contact and use the click-to-call feature for speedy phone dialing that leaves you with more time to form meaningful connections with candidates and clients alike. You also get features like voicemail drop, whisper (so colleagues and managers can listen in and whisper hints to help recruiters while they’re on their calls) and barge, which allows other recruiters and supervisors to jump in on a call to help out in challenging situations. And that’s not all. You also get:

  • An inbound and outbound email that syncs to your GoogleMail and Outlook accounts, allowing you to access everything in a single account
  • Email templates that allow you to create branded messages for consistency and greater effectiveness that you can monitor with email analytics
  • Chat – internal and B2B – for amazing collaboration, both within the team and outside of it
  • SMS texting, which is linked to higher open rates than emails, can be sent right from the browser for fast follow-ups, candidate overviews, and reminders

Helpdesk for Improved Service

When candidates or clients have problems, you need to know about them right away. You want to handle every issue quickly and efficiently. CRMDialer’s integrated helpdesk has a ticketing system that lets you track incoming requests from the time they come in until the moment they’re resolved. Best of all, you can monitor the progress from anywhere and on any device.

Calendars, Reporting, and Integrations

Here are three more key functions that support your recruiting business:

  • A calendar that integrates with your Google or Outlook calendar
  • Reporting that allows you to stay on top of everything
  • Integrations with key resources like CareerBuilder and ZipRecruiter

You get all that and much more in a single platform that doesn’t require you to log in to multiple systems to get all the features and functions you need to successfully run your recruiting business.

You’re looking for the best recruiting software, and CRMDialer is here to deliver. For more information on how CRMDialer can reduce your administrative workload and supercharge your customer service efforts, schedule a free demonstration or start your free trial today!