Automate Your Recruitment Process

Fewer things are more important to the success of your business than your recruitment process. If you believe that your people are your most valuable asset, you need to pay more attention to how you attract and hire the right people for your business.

The recruitment process is notoriously inefficient. Services like ZipRecruiter and CareerBuilder deliver loads of candidates for your recruitment team to review. Manually reviewing every resume and application is not the best use of your time.

With the help of the right tools, you can automate and improve much of the recruiting process. You can even use automation to impress talented candidates who have several options.


Treat Talented Candidates Like You Would Hot Prospects

Most of the conversation around recruiter automation for ZipRecruiter and CareerBuilder center around screening out of candidates. While that is a critical role for automation, even more important, especially in a tight labor market, is making sure you make a great impression on the most talented candidates.

One of the biggest frustrations candidates have with the recruitment process is the uncertainty. They complete an application, and then they wait.

You can automate the process of keeping prospects up to date in the same way you can automate communication with a hot prospect in your sales process.

Let candidates know that their resume or application has been received, when it’s being reviewed, and when interview requests are going out.

Candidates will feel more connected to your company and will have a better impression. Even better, because you can completely automate this process, it doesn’t use any more of your resources.


Filter Out Candidates That Really are a Poor Fit a Recruiter Plus

Filtering out candidates that are not qualified or that are a poor fit for your company before the interview stage is critical. Manually reviewing applications and resumes is the single biggest time-drain in the entire recruitment process.

However, relying on the default settings in ZipRecruiter or CareerBuilder can hurt your recruitment efforts. You may be screening out candidates that would be a great addition to your firm.

Use smart automation to make sure you are filtering out for the right reasons. Make sure that you don’t need a single “magic” phrase to get through your filters. You should also review your minimum requirements and reevaluate if they are actually necessary for the successful completion of the job. Can work experience substitute for educational requirements?

Automation is only as smart as the humans setting the parameters. Make sure you are using the right filters for job candidates.


Automated Alerts and Centralized Information Keep Key Players Informed

One hidden cost of recruitment is the amount of time different decision-makers and stakeholders spend trying to get updates on the process or about a specific candidate. Automated alerts can be set up to keep everyone updated on the recruitment and hiring process.

Another way to eliminate long email chains, quick chats, and text messages about the hiring process is to have a centralized database you use to track candidates. You can link a recruiting CRM with ZipRecruiter or CareerBuilder so that anyone who needs to know, can quickly see the status of the hiring process or the status of any of the candidates.