Integrated Dialer

The right tools don’t just make your job easier; they’re a game-changer. Sales CRM Tools, productivity and forecast accuracy by 29 to 42 percent on average. With access to the data accessibility these tools offer, you could shorten the sales cycle by 8 to 14 percent. And if you ask some of our happy clients and customers, you could increase your closing ratio, better meet the day-to-day needs of your salesforce and reach more prospects, all with your own call center cloud and analytics to help you win at the game.

If you’re looking for a tool that offers real-time user tracking with integrated call recording for business, then look no further than CRMDialer. Want simplified selling, enhanced team collaboration, and metrics that keep everyone in the loop? Check out the features built into this powerful sales tool:

Improve Communication

With our cloud-based call center software, you get a full suite of features, ranging from call recording for business to IVR to dialer metrics. These communication tools help simplify your business processes — all with one single sales tool.

  • PowerDialer and CRM let you contact three times more leads with a customized, full-featured telemarketing platform.
  • Dialer Metrics gives you real-time user tracking with monitoring and reporting, so you know what your prospects are doing, and you can boost sales performance.
  • Chat functionality lets you create groups and channels so your team can share information, images and files so everyone can keep up.
  • SMS puts the power to connect with more prospects squarely in your team’s hands while also helping convert more prospects into clients with texted appointment confirmations and follow-ups.
  • Integrated Speech Recognition increases your speed by roughly 300 percent by accurately transforming speech into text for fast emails and notes that minimize the need for manual data entry.

Boost Sales

The better you manage your pipeline, the faster you can land accounts and close the deal. CRMDialer packs a punch with features like these:

  • Lead Management: Customize views, pre-fill agreements with information and set automatic notifications throughout the sales cycle.
  • Electronic Signatures: Fewer complications and delays help shorten the sales cycle and boost productivity.
  • Sales Metrics: Inspire your sales team’s competitive spirit, and identify your most active sales reps.
  • Appointment Board: Keep a watchful eye on your appointments and those of your team. Link to important leads, and access a weekly productivity dashboard for all users.
  • Calendar Integrations: Don’t miss another appointment by automating reminders. Easily manage your own and others’ appointments.

Seamless Customer Support

Your customers want to feel like they’re a priority, and we can help you make them feel cared for any time, anywhere with CRMDialer’s Helpdesk Tickets, which make sure you and your team can handle issues quickly and efficiently. Set internal SLAs and automatic notifications so your team can monitor the issue from the time the ticket opens until the matter is resolved. And you can keep an eye on your support team’s effectiveness. Clients and customers feel valued, and you can rest assured that you’re providing incredible service and support.