As a non-profit, your main goal is growing your supporter base. So, when you start shopping around for a CRM, you need to keep that firmly in mind before jumping in and getting software that might not be right for you. Some of the key functions you need from your CRM include organizing leads and supporters — including volunteers, donors, board members, and staff — in a way that allows you to quickly track activities, store contact data and monitor financial transactions. Detailed notes about communications and reporting metrics help you understand trends that are key to your non-profit’s success.

No doubt, Salesforce has its benefits. But there have been plenty of users that find it difficult to implement, clunky to use and outdated with its user interface. Here’s some good news for you. There’s another option out there — CRMDialer.

It’s among the newer platforms on the market, and it’s powered by IRIS, the force behind IRIS CRM. Users love how easy it is to use, with a simple and customizable interface and features that can help you streamline your tasks to focus on fundraising and reaching more potential supporters. Here are a few of the key features this power dialer CRM offers that you’re sure to love too.

A Fantastic Database

Organize all your donors, volunteers and more in one easy-to-access spot. When someone calls in, the right record automatically pops up, so even if a new volunteer is manning the phones, the details they need to keep up stellar donor relations are right in front of them. Unlimited reporting, bulk importing with duplicate checking and email validation all help keep your database running smoothly with records that are incredibly accurate.

Integrated Inbound and Outbound SMS CRM

Send and receive text messages directly from the CRM with the click of a button.

Tools for Improved Communications

Reaching out to people is part of what you do. Having the right tools on board can make that part of your job faster and easier. The three main tools include:

  • Power Dialer: Reach more people in less time with in-browser click-to-call dialing, the local presence feature that boosts response rates, call recording, whisper, and barge, voicemail drop, and more — all designed to help you accomplish maximum outreach in minimum time.  
  • SMS: Follow up with volunteers and donors quickly and right from your browser. Research shows that texting is a highly effective way to communicate. Without this CRM, you might need to use your business phone or personal cell. Not so now — you can send SMS messages right from your browser.
  • Email: It’s not enough just to have an email. With this platform, you can also sync to GoogleMail and Outlook to access all your messages in one spot. Branded templates are easy to create, and reporting metrics allow you to monitor your email effectiveness to maximize your efforts.

Chat to Build a Collaborative Environment

Having an amazing team environment can keep morale high while working at a non-profit. CRMDialer’s chat feature helps facilitate that for you. Not only do you get fast internal messaging, but you can also set up channels for groups, topics or events. The chat database is searchable too, so you and everyone in your non-profit can search for information, files and images that have already been shared. CRMDialer recently released another addition to chat — TechHub, a B2B chat function that lets you collaborate with outside businesses for a whole new level of teamwork.

Helpdesk for Optimal Service

With the built-in helpdesk, you can keep track of any problems or issues. Even better, the ticketing system allows you to keep a close watch on how efficiently issues are solved.

Additional Benefits

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. With this platform, you also get extras like real-time website visitor tracking, which provides instant notifications when someone clicks on your non-profit’s website along with valuable information about your donors’ and leads’ potential interests and pain points — all of which lets you time your outreach perfectly. Other features include calendar integrations to keep track of important tasks and reminders, voice recognition for fast record keeping and note taking and a platform you can completely customize with your non-profit’s branding — no developer needed!

Another thing that makes CRMDialer stand out in the very crowded CRM marketplace is the commitment to providing a unified solution. The fewer systems you have to log in and out of, the faster you can do what you do best. Easy implementation, hassle-free pricing, and user-friendly operation make it the industry’s best power dialer CRM.

Interested in giving it a try? Sign up for a free trial today.