Why a CRM is so Important for Real Estate Agencies Working Remotely

With businesses across the country forced to either shut down or transition to full remote operations, a number of industries have been exposed to just how well-decentralized teams can actually function without the need for expensive office space or wasteful in-person meetings. Real estate is one industry that has operated semi-remotely for essentially its entire existence, as agents regularly split time between the office and the field. Now, many real estate agencies are looking at the possibility of expanding remote work or moving to full-time work-from-home operations entirely. That move offers some major potential benefits, but it also means agencies need to find ways to connect their newly dispersed teams. There is no better tool for doing that than a good real estate CRM, and leading platforms like CRMDialer offer a wide variety of features designed specifically to aid agencies and agents with remote sales, marketing, and service. The following are just a few of the features advanced tools like CRMDialer offer, and how they can help agents and agencies thrive in a remote world. 


Better Management of Open Houses, Showings, and Client Meetings

Real estate sales is a profession on the move. An agent’s desk often sits empty while they’re off staging properties, hosting open houses, showing properties to their buyers, or having initial meetings with new clients. That means a lot of scheduling. If that scheduling isn’t super-efficient, the inevitable result is missed appointments and poorer performance overall. It’ll take longer to place buyers, longer to sell properties, and all of that means reduced revenues. 

A full-featured customer resource management platform like CRMDialer ensures the tight scheduling needed to succeed by making calendars, appointments, and task management easy to do from anywhere. Gmail and Outlook calendars can be synced directly into the CRM, ensuring two-way updating no matter which interfaces an agent uses. Within CRMDialer, agents can schedule new appointments and create new tasks from right within a prospect’s lead account. Likewise, agents can access and manage lead data from within the calendar. That means no matter which area of the CRM an agent is in while dealing with a lead, scheduling tools are always available. The result is more comprehensive scheduling that is both easier to manage and easier to follow – a huge benefit to remote teams and real estate professionals who spend most of their time on the move. 


Access to Advanced Tools for Prospecting and Sales from Anywhere

The other major function real estate agents perform every day is prospecting. Keeping a steady stream of new buyers and sellers entering the top of the sales funnel is the key to growth and success, and the most successful real estate agents are often the ones who have developed the most efficient, most streamlined prospecting systems. 

CRMDialer supercharges your remote lead management, making it both easier to capture and track new leads, and to get the most out of each of them, ensuring the maximum chance of turning a prospect into a revenue source. The platform’s built-in lead management system can automatically capture and store leads generated by marketing tools like websites, email blasts, and even QR-enabled direct mail. Once a lead has been captured into the system, every future interaction will be automatically logged, ensuring that you or the agents working for you will always have the most complete, most up-to-date information possible. It also ensures you can improve the long-term relationship building that is of such high importance in the industry. 

Once a prospect has been identified, CRMDialer provides a variety of advanced tools to enable you to stay in constant contact with them until the time they’re ready to buy or sell. The cloud-based power dialer provides remote, web-based access to an enterprise-level call center for each and every agent. With everything from automatic dialing, to one-click voicemail drop, to advanced analytics, the CRMDialer call center ensures your team’s calling operations can be handled efficiently and effectively whether they’re in the office, at home, or on the road.

Additional tools designed specifically to enable remote sales activities include two-way SMS messaging, outbound email marketing, digital document handling with eSignature capability for faster closes, and many more. For more information on the ways, CRMDialer can help your agents work more efficiently from the field, or help your agency transition to fully remote operations, sign up today!