Real Estate Call Center

As real estate brokerages and agencies grow in size, it often becomes necessary for them to look for more robust phone systems to help handle the large volume of outbound and inbound calling their agents handle each day. If your company has hit that threshold, you’ve probably started to look into options ranging from hardwired phone systems to answering services and beyond. But one of the most affordable and more effective solutions available is call center software with a cloud-based power dialer, like the one included with CRMDialer. The following are just four of the many reasons a power dialer is probably the right choice for your real estate company’s expanding calling needs. 


A Dialer Will Enable Your Agency to Maintain Constant Contact with Prospects

Real estate sales is all about long-term relationships. Just because a homeowner or potential buyer isn’t ready to make a transaction now, doesn’t mean they won’t be next year or some time down the road. When the time does come, it’s imperative that they think of one of your realtors first – and that’s all about maintaining constant contact. A good power dialer will make it easier for your team to maintain contact by enabling you to schedule regular calls, reminding your agents when to call, and providing data on which prospects have gone the longest without a touch from your team. 


A Dialer Will Enable You to Handle Your Daily Calling More Efficiently

Real estate is a call-heavy business. Between marketing and relationship-building calls to prospects, scheduling meetings and open houses, chasing down buyers and sellers, dealing with staging companies, and a host of other tasks, your agents are on the phone all the time. A power dialer will make their lives easier by streamlining all of that calling through automatic and one-click dialing, and facilitating the automatic capture of important data from each of those calls – two things that agents otherwise spend a lot of time handling manually each day. 


A Dialer Will Enable You to Capture Leads and Build Better Prospect Profiles

An advanced power dialer, like the one that comes built-in with CRMDialer, enables your team to improve your lead management by capturing lead data and creating new lead accounts right over the phone whenever interested buyers or sellers call-in for information. When a call comes in, it’ll display right on-screen, and your agents can then add that inbound call to your lead database in a matter of a few clicks, with minimal data entry required upfront. With each subsequent call, that new lead profile will come up automatically, providing the realtor with access to all existing lead data, as well as the ability to quickly add new notes and documents, schedule meetings, set task reminders, and more.


A Dialer Will Enable You to Develop Better Agent Training

An advanced power dialer provides your management team with the ability to easily access recordings of agents’ previous calls or to listen-in on live calls while they’re in progress. The result is that management will have a clear picture of how each agent is performing on the phone, and, more importantly, where areas of improvement lie. More personalized training programs can then be developed, helping each agent meet their full potential based on their unique strengths and weaknesses. 

For more information on how CRMDialer’s advanced power dialer can help your team land more clients and streamline your day-to-day operations, start your free trial today!