CRMDialer: An Alternative

You love boosting your business’s efficiency, productivity, and bottom line. We love delivering technology to help get you there. And our customers love how user-friendly this powerful tool is. CRMDialer isn’t just a call center cloud. It’s a game-changer for independent sales organizations looking to grow their business. Sound too good to be true? Consider these five outstanding features:

1. CRMDialer: Integrated Call Center Software

Streamline sales and support while minimizing wasted time with the dialer that packs a punch. This outstanding addition to the CRM’s feature line up gives you a call center cloud with dialer metrics, IVR, call recording for a business tool, voicemail and click-to-call capabilities. Benefits include:

  • All-In-One Dialing: With one click, sales reps can initiate calls right from their leads. And because the call is recorded, it can be analyzed later for training and reference points.
  • Cost Management: No need to buy pricey software and phone systems. With the dialer, you have everything you need.
  • Build a Local Presence: With dynamic caller ID, your outgoing call will show up with a local number based on the phone number you’re calling. This alone can boost your contact rate by 400 percent. And we all know that the more contacts you make, the more accounts you can sign.

2. Website Visitor Tracking: Your Secret Weapon

One of our newest features, website visitor tracking is like a secret weapon. Some folks even call it a marketing goldmine. This lets you see exactly who is visiting your website, what they’re clicking on and what they’re interested in for more effective targeting. Website visitor tracking also gives you an inside edge in perfectly timing your contact with prospects and improving the quality of your leads. And that means you can close more deals.

3. Speech Recognition for Boosted Performance

Make manual entry a thing of the past and forget getting bogged down with typing notes and emails. With our integrated speech recognition feature, you can get things done roughly three times faster. Even better? Our speech recognition feature instantly – and very accurately – converts your spoken words into text for faster communication and boosted performance.

4. Improve Communications with Chat and SMS

CRMDialer includes two notable features that change the way your team can communicate with each other, and how your sales staff communicates with leads and customers. The chat function lets everyone share information in one place. It also lets your team create groups for specific topics, share files instantly and find everything they need with the search feature. Integrated SMS functionality lets your team leverage the higher response rate of texts versus emails. Confirm appointments, follow up on and reach more customers.

5. Transform Prospects into Customers with Lead Management

Manage leads without headaches or hassle. The lead management function is the heart of your inbound sales operation. You can do everything from customizing views to pre-populating agreements to reporting on unlimited fields – all in one spot.

What are you waiting for? Discover just how easy it is to use CRMDialer the ultimate business tool.