At the risk of sounding immodest, we think ours is! CRMDialer gives you bulk email validation — and so much more. CRMDialer provides email validation credits through our CRM and integrates with ZeroBounce as the email validation provider.

The email validation functionality can be executed with a single click in our CRM:

Email Validation

Email marketing is a high priority for businesses of all sizes. And if you ask any of our clients who have been through a campaign or two about the critical components that make up a successful email marketing campaign, you’ll likely hear about the importance of email validation. We understand how important this tool is for your strategy and your success.

After all, without it, your contact lists start getting clogged with dead-end emails, and you waste valuable time and money on messages that never reach their recipients. Worst, your business’s bounce rate soars, which puts your reputation at risk and increases the likelihood that you’ll end up associated with the dreaded spammer label.

Not cool. That’s why we built email validation right into CRMDialer. The lead importer gives you the option for bulk email validation. You can also validate individual email addresses in the Lead email field and Quick Email popup.

Email Validation … and More!

We want you to succeed. That’s why we put a lot of effort into making sure our email validation feature gives you accurate results. And here’s where things get exciting: CRMDialer delivers some serious firepower for bulk email validation. But it also gives you other power-packed features to streamline your business and boost your bottom line. A few examples include:

  • Cloud Call Center: We’ve designed this platform to replace your existing phone and CRM systems. You get the reliability of a cloud-based contact center that eliminates the need to invest and reinvest in software and phone systems. You’ll always be on the cutting-edge of technology with our call center cloud.
  • Real-time Visitor Tracking: Seize the opportunity to gain valuable insight into what your prospects are interested in and potential pain points so that you can time your contact perfectly and transform cold calls into meaningful conversations. A quick popup gives you all the information you need to increase the effectiveness of your targeting efforts.
  • Built-in Helpdesk: What’s the point of doing anything if keeping your customers happy isn’t at the heart of your efforts, right? That’s why we included a Helpdesk that lets you track every ticket from the time it comes in until the time it’s resolved. Because we think that is how you deliver next-level service from any device. Anytime, anywhere.
  • SMS: Email marketing is great, but sometimes text is even greater. Use the SMS function to follow up on leads, confirm appointments, and more. The upside is a higher open and response rate, which typically translates to more conversions.
  • Chat: Give everyone the opportunity to share and exchange information quickly, efficiently and all in one spot. The chat feature lets you share files and images, search for information, and set up special channels for specific groups and topics.