Best Dialer for Real Estate – 5 Ways CRMDialer Can Empower Your Agency

From bus ads to magnetic calendars, real estate agents and agencies are in a constant battle for public visibility and brand recognition because the industry is so competitive. Any tool that gives you and your agency an advantage over your competition is a potential game-changer, and when it comes to improving your customer relationships and boosting your operational efficiency, there is no better tool on the market than CRMDialer. The list of benefits the platform offers is too long for any one article, but the following represent just five of the many ways your real estate agency stands to benefit from adopting this industry-leading real estate CRM tool today. 


1) Tap Into a Wider Pool of Real Estate Leads

Lead generation – both on the buyer and seller sides – is a constant challenge for even the most well-established agents. With inventory rapidly dropping in many markets, the ability to tap into new lead pools and to maximize the number of potential leads captured are crucial. 

CRMDialer provides your agents with the ability to collect leads in a variety of new and innovative ways. New lead accounts can be automatically generated from web forms, email links, and even inbound phone calls. The result is that your team can start collecting leads from anywhere. Throwing an open house? Rather than just giving away business cards, why not set up a tablet with a web form that collects your visitors’ data directly into CRMDialer? With CRMDialer, every interaction, whether online or in-person, becomes a lead-generation opportunity. 


2) Foster Better Long-Term Relationships with Leads

A big part of maintaining a strong inventory today is ensuring you maintain a strong long-term relationship with leads who might not be ready to sell until tomorrow. Selling a home is a major event that only occurs four or five times for the average homeowner. When the time does come, to avoid losing the listing to a competitor, you or your agency needs to be at the top of the seller’s mind. That’s all about maintaining long-term contact, and there is no better tool for that than a CRM. 

CRMDialer enables you to automatically schedule follow-ups with your prospects on the phone, by email, and even via text messaging. The system also allows you to easily (and, in many cases, automatically) record the key details of each interaction. Did the lead mention a family birthday? Put it in the CRM! Did they mention the name of their dog? Put it in the CRM! The little details CRMDialer allows you to maintain awareness of for future communications makes you a personal-service superhero in the eyes of your leads, and that’s the key to ensuring they come to you when the time is right for them to hit the market. 


3) Ease the Burden of Scheduling

Real estate agents are busy people. Between meeting with new clients, going back and forth on the phone with other agents and mortgage brokers, staging properties, running open houses, and handling marketing, the average real estate agent’s schedule is packed. And a packed schedule means inevitable accidental scheduling conflicts – mistakes that could potentially result in a lost commission. 

The easiest way to minimize schedule conflicts, especially across an entire agency, is to make scheduling as simple and as transparent as possible. CRMDialer’s built-in scheduling tools are designed to do exactly that. Whether you use Google Calendar, Outlook, or keep your schedule on a piece of paper, CRMDialer enables you and your entire team to move your schedules into the CRM. Easy-to-set permissions then enable you to choose who can view and edit each schedule. New meetings and tasks added to an agent’s schedule are automatically added to the relevant lead account, and automatic reminders can be set to ensure nothing is ever missed and that potential conflicts are discovered early, before they have the chance to do any harm. 


4) Centralize Everything

With such busy days, time is at a premium, and there are very few minutes a real estate agent can afford to waste each day. Yet you and your team constantly waste time jumping around between email, the phone, a standalone lead database, marketing tools, and on and on. 

CRMDialer is designed to bring the entirety of your real estate agency’s operations into a single, centralized platform. From within one revolutionary piece of software, you can manage your lead generation, your marketing, your scheduling, your Gmail and Outlook accounts, your invoicing and payments, your calling, your document handling and storage, and so much more. The result is not only streamlined workflows and time saved but also more effective work, free of the errors that inevitably arise when trying to juggle dozens of systems. 


5) Handle Everything Real Estate on the Go

Real estate agents need to be mobile, and tasks that require them to be chained to their office desks limit their flexibility and, in turn, their ability to do their jobs effectively. When it comes to tech adoption, that means a system is only as good as an agent’s ability to access it on the go. 

CRMDialer’s mobile app enables your agents to access the CRM from their phones wherever and whenever they need it. If an agent needs a piece of lead information for a meeting, they can simply pull it up on their mobile device. If they meet a new prospect, rather than hope to collect that lead later, they can enter into the system right then and there. They can upload documents, manage and edit lead accounts, add or view helpdesk tickets, and much more. Agents can even access the power dialer, turning their smartphones into supercharged marketing tools. 


While these five benefits are enough to make CRMDialer an easy choice for most real estate agencies, the full list of benefits offered by the system’s advanced suite of sales and productivity tools is much longer. Reach out to a member of the team to find out more, or, better yet, start your 14-day free trial and start putting CRMDialer to work for your agency today!