As a business manager, you are bound to make hundreds of decisions on a daily basis, but only some of them will greatly influence the future of your company. Among the many decisions is the need to choose a CRM, also known as customer relationship management, a system that can truly change the way your salespeople communicate with prospects and even among themselves. This kind of contact center platform would be a smart addition to any business that wants to take advantage of the best communication tools on the market.

As long as you choose our unlimited plan, you will have access to Unlimited Visitor Tracking CRM, which means that your company can grow as much as it needs without you having to pay a cent extra. Even though you might just have a few salespeople that are working for you at the moment, you never know just how many agents you will be paying for in just a few months. The secret to being successful is simple – you just need to be dedicated to the right approach.

Nowadays, buyers do not want to deal with pushy salespeople that will talk their ear off, but rather prefer a calm professional that is able to provide answers to any questions that they might have and guide them towards making the right decision. Our platform is designed to offer your sales team essential information regarding the activity of a visitor on your website so that when agents contact them, they already know what kind of products and services they should be pitching on the phone or even through email. It is in your power to make their job easier and help them convert more leads into customers.

That being said, you can never have a big enough sales team, especially when you realize that your business is growing exponentially. So why should you not take advantage of an unlimited plan that would allow you to keep adding new people to the team and spend the same amount of money on the efficient communication tools that we have to offer? The same plan would allow you to have unlimited contacts which translate into being able to get in touch with as many prospects as you want and not go over budget.

When you are in charge of a business that keeps growing, you expect costs to grow as well, especially when it comes to adding more users to the same team. The good news is that when you pick our unlimited plan, you get exactly that – Unlimited Website Visitor Tracking CRM, which means that you can use your resources more efficiently. This is actually one of the most important reasons why you should outsource your CRM needs. We are here to make this entire experience easy, productive and efficient.

If you are wondering how soon you should be looking into this plan, the answer is pretty simple – when you consider yourself to be an organization that makes a lot of calls and wants to introduce a Power Dialer. This would mean that your team has more than two users and would like to have the possibility to keep on adding more salespeople that will bring on more customers. Even if you might be managing a small team at the moment, you should be aware of the fact that making a few right decisions will put your business on the right path to becoming successful.

Implementing our platform has translated into needing more employees that could go after the prospects that are missing just one small nudge to place an order and buy from you. Why should you try and handle everything with a small team when you could add more people, make more calls and inherently benefit from increased revenue? But, at the same time, that would mean that you can keep the same budget for your CRM needs. This is something that you are only able to benefit from when you rely on our platform. We have designed our services to be completely customizable with drag and drop tools that allow you to use your own logo.

A standard in sales departments has become having a Power Dialer for large and small teams alike and strategically considering the benefits today will help you in the long term. As long as you have a smart approach that provides useful information and friendly conversation to convert prospects, you will be needing more sales experts in your team sooner than you might think. That is why it would be best to just set your CRM budget right now and stick to it. You will not need to change plans at all after this decision, no matter how much your business ends up growing in the future.

It is always better to be prepared rather than deal with all sorts of changes at the same time. It would be more efficient to focus on your marketing strategy than try to upgrade to a better CRM plan and have your team adjust to the changes. Start with an unlimited plan and stick to it, no matter what. Seeing as you will already have access to all the right advantages, there will be no need to switch to something better. There isn’t anything better than our unlimited option where you can record conversations between the sales department and an unlimited amount of prospects.

If you are still wondering whether you need access to a smart CRM system or could just as easily reach your sales quota without it, you should know that the answer is pretty straightforward. Studies have shown that around 62% of the sales teams that do not rely on such a system are unable to reach or exceed their quota, which is certainly something that you would like to prevent. The good news is that our platform is accessible within 60 seconds, easy to use and helps your team increase its number of sales, revenue and even the number of people that will be working for these common goals! The next step that you should make is to pick the unlimited plan from the beginning and see for yourself just how great this choice is for your business!