Choosing a Power Dialer: Getting Started with a Cloud-Based Call Center

The telephone continues to be one of the most important tools sales agents use on a daily basis, even in today’s digital world. But advances in technology have now blurred the lines between the web and the telephone, and today’s forward-thinking sales organizations often utilize power dialers to provide their sales agents with the best of both worlds. So, what exactly is a power dialer, what makes them such effective sales tools, and how does a company get started with one?


What is a Power Dialer?

A power dialer is a piece of software that emulates not just a telephone, but an entire enterprise call center, using voice-over-internet protocol. Today, most power dialers are cloud-based, requiring users to log in through an internet connection either on their work computer or, in some cases, even on their mobile phones. Once connected, a power dialer user can perform all of their business calling tasks with nothing more than a headset. 

The biggest benefit of a power dialer is that it enables sales agents to easily organize their daily call lists and run through them faster and more efficiently, saving time and reducing repetitive tasks. Most power dialers will offer some form of automatic dialing that will even work through a call list for an agent completely hands-free, eliminating time spent on dialing altogether. Other common features include one-click voicemail drop, interactive-voice response systems, call monitoring, advanced calling metrics, and much more. In short, a power dialer is an affordable and efficient way to unlock a much deeper and more useful set of features than any standard enterprise phone system can offer. 


Choosing a Dialer Setup

Power dialers can be purchased and integrated into a sales organization’s workflows in a couple of ways. The way that works best for any given company depends on a few things, like its specific needs, its budgetary requirements, and its existing software. 

Stand-Alone Power Dialers

Stand-alone power dialers are platforms that only handle dialing duties. They offer everything a sales organization needs to run a cloud-based call center, but they offer effectively no other functionality to improve other areas of operations. As a result, to get the most out of a stand-alone dialer, it’ll need to be integrated with a company’s other sales systems, like its CRM

Stand-alone dialers are a good option for companies that already have existing sales software and just want a better way to make calls. In the worst case scenario, employees will have to utilize the dialer completely separately, jumping back and forth between it and their sales software while on calls. However, in some cases, the dialer and certain CRM systems can be connected to allow limited integration between them. 

CRM-Integrated Power Dialers

CRM-integrated power dialers, like CRMDialer, build a power dialer directly into a customer resource management system right out of the box. No additional integration is required, and the two systems are designed specifically to work together from the second the software is fired up. 

Choosing a system that already has a CRM and power dialer packaged together offers some major benefits. First, choosing a hybrid dialer/CRM is a lot simpler than having to rig two distinct systems together, requiring zero technical knowledge on the side of the user. More importantly, because the dialer and CRM are part of a single, unified system, they integrate seamlessly and enhance each other in a way connected-but-separate systems can’t match. The CRM feeds the dialer on calls, helping agents deliver a smoother, more effective sales process. Simultaneously, the dialer feeds data back into the CRM, improving a company’s customer database, lead management efforts, and ability to deliver the next sales call. 


Few CRMs on the market today include a high-end power dialer straight out of the box, and of the few that do, none can match the features packed into CRMDialer. CRMDialer’s customer resource management suite offers a full set of lead management tools, advanced reporting, built-in billing and payments, a private-labeled help desk, and much more. The power dialer is integrated seamlessly to all areas of the CRM and can be accessed in a matter of a click or two no matter what task a user is performing. It offers automatic dialing, one-click dialing, one-click voicemail drop, an IVR auto-receptionist, local presence, training tools, and more.


To experience how a dialer-equipped CRM can eliminate your clunky enterprise phone system and its bill while improving and streamlining your sales process, start your no-commitment free trial of CRMDialer today.