CRM-Integrated Power Dialers: The Ultimate Auto Dialer Solution

Calling prospects and customers more efficiently is a key part of telephone sales in all industries, especially in high-volume calling environments. Auto dialer tools have been developed to help maximize the number of connections an individual agent or sales team can make each day, but traditional auto dialers suffer from some big problems that make them poor choices for your sales organization.


Luckily, power dialers – a different type of automatic dialing system – offer all the same efficiency and productivity benefits without the drawbacks, leading to their widespread adoption in most sales environments. But, for all the positive impact a power dialer can have on your sales process, its true potential can only be unlocked when integrated seamlessly with your customer resource management system.


Together, a power dialer and CRM become the ultimate sales tool, improving not only your calling, but the sales process itself and, in many cases, all other areas of your operations, as well.


CRM Power Dialers Simplify Agent Workflow

CRMs and power dialers are two of the most effective sales tools available today, and if you’re not using both, you’re missing out on some important capabilities. But two systems mean two platforms to train employees on, two logins, two platforms to move data back and forth between, and two bills – in short, unnecessary complexity. 


Integrating a power dialer directly into your CRM eliminates that complexity and enables agents to tackle all of their daily tasks from a single piece of software and a single point of control. The result is a more streamlined workflow that saves time, minimizes the need for additional training, and helps minimize data management errors significantly. 


CRM Power Dialers Enable More Calls and Better Calls 

The tools built into a dialer-equipped system like CRMDialer enable your agents to make far more calls each day, but they also significantly improve the quality of those calls – something a power dialer or auto dialer on its own can’t do.


Because CRMDialer’s calling tools are integrated seamlessly with the lead database and all the system’s many other tools, your agents can access the entirety of your stored customer and lead data from right within the dialer, enabling everything from better preparation to better handling of mid-call objections, to a more personal-feeling experience for the lead, and more. Higher quality calls lead to a shorter sales process, enabling a higher close rate to be pulled from a larger number of daily calls – a double impact on revenues. 


CRM Power Dialers Do More with Customer Data

The other major benefit of your dialer and CRM being seamlessly integrated is that data flows between the two without hitting obstacles. The result is that each call doesn’t just benefit from your stored customer data; it also creates a huge influx of new data that gets pumped back into the customer database, often automatically. More quality data being captured means the agent will have even more to work with on the next call – a big advantage, especially in cases where a sales process spans multiple contacts. It’s a self-sustaining cycle of improvement that only a dialer-equipped CRM can offer. 


Power Dialer vs. Auto Dialer

CRMDialer includes an industry-best power dialer, but it is not an auto dialer, and that’s an important distinction for your business. So what’s the difference?


Both power dialers and auto dialers dial numbers automatically, but they’re distinct types of software, and for all the benefits power dialers bring to the table, auto dialers can cause just as many problems for your business.


The difference is in the way the two systems dial. Power dialers enable your agents to create daily calling lists that the system works through automatically, speeding up calling and reducing repetitive strain. But it’s always the same agent on the other end, and each call recipient connects with the agent immediately upon picking up. 


Auto dialers dial out dozens or even hundreds of numbers at once and wait to see which connect. Only then does the system use an algorithm to determine which calls to assign to which agents. The result is almost always dead air at the beginning of a call. 


If you’ve ever received a spam or scam call and sat on the line saying “hello?” for a few seconds before getting a response, that was an auto dialer. Not only do auto dialer calls feel suspicious to the recipient, but they may also even be illegal depending on state-by-state laws. That’s not something you want prospects or customers associating with your company.


In short, your business wants a power dialer, not an auto dialer, and CRMDialer is the best power dialer-equipped CRM system on the market today.



For a first-hand look at everything a dialer-CRM combo can do to help improve and streamline your company’s sales process, start your no-commitment free trial of CRMDialer today.