CRM to the Rescue: Common Real Estate Pain Points and How Customer Resource Management Software Can Ease Them

Real estate is a tough business, and a steady stream of new entrants to the game means that rookie and experienced agents alike need to constantly find ways to stay ahead of the growing competition. Technology is one of the best ways to do that, and modern real estate tech, like customer resource management software, offers you a cost-effective and low-maintenance way to carve out a place in even the toughest markets, and to solve many of the most nagging real estate pain points, including the following three that you’re probably very familiar with.


Pain Point: Sourcing Profitable Leads

Leads are the lifeblood of the real estate business, and failing to keep a steady stream flowing into the top of the sales funnel is one of the primary reasons agents struggle or fail outright. Some agents look to outside lead generators to keep the volume up, but that strategy presents a couple of problems. First, agents drown in calls from people looking to sell leads – it’s a major time drain. Second, the quality of external leads is notoriously inconsistent, and every purchased lead that doesn’t pan out is a huge waste of resources. 

The solution to this common problem is to make your internal lead generation activities both more effective and more efficient, ensuring that you can generate the volume of leads you need on your own and that the quality of those leads is as high as possible. A CRM is an ideal tool for improving internal lead generation because it’s specifically designed to not only make lead capture faster and easier but also to enable you to categorize and track those new leads more accurately as they move through your sales process. The result is more profitable lead generation, better resource use, and freedom from external lead brokers.  


Real Estate Pain Point: Competing in an Oversaturated Market

One of the biggest problems agents run into is trying to break through in a market full of more experienced realtors with long client lists and enormous advertising budgets. It’s an especially big challenge for brand new realtors, who often struggle greatly in the first year or so while trying to build up a reputation and a sales funnel. So, how can new agents stand out and lure buyers and sellers away from more experienced players? The answer is a better use of data. 

Better use of data and analytics gives younger, inexperienced agents the opportunity to build a significant competitive advantage over their more experienced counterparts, many of whom are less comfortable employing technology and tend to do things the “old way.” A good CRM enables the development of that numbers-based competitive advantage by providing agents with deep, detailed reporting on everything from their leads, to their communications, to sales trends, and beyond. The result is that agents can throw “feel” to the curb and use hard data to determine where the most profitable and high-opportunity areas of focus are – something that can’t be done without an advanced data handling and reporting tool like a CRM. 


Real Estate Pain Point: Wasting Time You Can’t Afford to Lose

There is nothing more frustrating than spending time working with a buyer or seller early on only to have them disappear or choose to go with a different agent once it’s time to sign on the dotted line. Some agents ask prospects to sign contracts upfront, but that can be a hard sell. Unfortunately, lost time on tire kickers and poached clients is just part of the business, and you need to accept that it can’t be avoided. But that unavoidable wasted time makes it all the more important for you to streamline all other areas of your business, maximizing your time where you can so that you can better manage it where you can’t. 

A full-featured real estate CRM, like CRMDialer, is the ultimate time-saving tool, because it streamlines and automates all of your most time-consuming and repetitive tasks. The built-in power dialer enables you to automate your daily calling and pull valuable customer data from it to funnel back into the CRM. The complete email and calendar integration allows you to manage your Outlook or Gmail from directly within the platform, with no need to jump back and forth between systems. Adobe Sign functionality allows you to send and retrieve legally signed paperwork completely digitally, eliminating the need to print, scan, or store paper documents. CRMDialer also includes email marketing tools, a complete billing, and payments suite, and much more. By putting everything you need for your day to day operations into a single tool, CRMDialer takes your workflow efficiency to new heights, saving you significant time in the process. 

To see CRMDialer in action and experience firsthand all the ways it can help you generate more clients, close more deals, and maximize your commissions, start your no-commitment free trial of CRMDialer today!