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Recruiting top talent is becoming both harder and more important than ever as the employment landscape rapidly changes. The idea of spending an entire career with one company is now foreign to the vast majority of employees, and more top talent, from promising entrants to C-suite level execs, are choosing instead to jump around from place to place in a series of shorter-term engagements. That means recruiting – always a key to overall success – is now becoming a more frequent part of the job for human resources professionals. The newly heightened pace is unquestionably challenging,  but the following three tips can go a long way towards helping Human Resources departments keep everything well under control.


1) Treat the Candidate as a Valued Customer

Imagine one of your best customers – a huge account you can’t afford to lose – is coming in to visit your offices. What would that entail? It’d probably result in you and your staff going out of your way to put your best face forward and to ensure it was clear to the client that your organization cares about them and is the right choice as a partner. 

Why treat a potential employee any differently?

If you’re going after top talent – and you should be – then you’re probably just one of any number of companies courting them during their job search. Salary and benefits are important but equally important is showing them that you’re a company that cares about employees and sees them as more than just resources to be exploited. As a result, prospective hires should be treated with the same level of importance as great customers. Failing to do so might very well result in losing them to a competitor. 


2) Recruiting is Marketing

HR professionals wear many hats, and during the recruiting process, it can be easy to lose sight of the fact that one of the most important of those hats is that of the marketer. As an HR pro, recruiting is your time to show off your marketing chops by getting into the head of your ideal employee – your target market – and tailoring the recruiting process to bring those candidates in. 

A well-designed recruiting process, like a well-designed marketing campaign, must start with a clear understanding of who you’re going after. From there, you can build the ideal job description, identify the ideal channels to advertise it through, and prepare the ideal in-person experience with the aim of selling them on why your company should be their new home. The result of approaching the process through the marketing lens is a deeper pool of quality applicants and much higher odds of landing the best candidate possible. 


3) Think Like a Millennial

Thinking like a millennial can be very different people who aren’t a part of that love-them-or-hate-them generation. But millennials now dominate the candidate pool for all but the most senior-level jobs, and in the tech space, even those C-suite jobs are occasionally filled by candidates in their mid-30s and sometimes even younger. To attract the best of these young candidates, HR professionals need to understand what drives them – and it generally isn’t just a fat paycheck. 

The work environment is hugely important to millennials, and the more an office or company falls in line with their values, the more likely they are to sign on, even in the face of a slightly lower salary than the ones offered by competitors who don’t meet their work-culture expectations. Things like a coaching-based management environment, open office plans, a focus on work-life balance, and an innovative company culture are all major attractants to millennial applicants, and companies would be remiss to not direct their focus towards attracting these up and coming leaders. 


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